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Raichu, Chikorita and Eeveelutions collection update

I just returned home from an anime convention with a pack full of manga and Raichu things. I skip the manga pile and get straight to the Raichu part which contains some non-flat things, too (wow!).

But first, here're goods that I've received from you here in the community.

A fabulous promo card from g_manluver. Thank you for the trade!

A 32-page Pikachu Shocks Back comic book from tehpixelpixie.

It might not look like some Raichu merchandise but it does have a picture of the orange (or, eh, black-and-white) critter inside it.

This book's a bit larger than the 150+ page book (see the picture for reference). What's more, this issue has a neat Eeveelution story in it. I really like the cool yet cute way Toshihiro Ono draws them.

Then, for the convention merch. Here's a group picture of all my findings, taken in the hotel just after I got them. I forgot to take an individual photo of the DX Raichu plush but maybe you can realize the size of it better from this picture.

A Friends plush from 1998 and a reversible plush by Tomy, which were quite lucky finds. I had ordered the big Raichu plush, two keychains and the figure a couple of months before the convention, but as the seller looked for those things she also found these two cuties which she hasn't even set up on the table yet. :P She even gave me the other one for free because I *cough* spent so much money on that big plushie. And that's how you get a freak's reputation... I'm not sure if I dare enter the convention next summer. xD

Here's the new version of the Tomy figure next to the old one. See the difference in their colouring?

A silver-coloured version of the keychain I got earlier.

... aaaand the bronze-coloured one. Now I've got the whole set of three. :)

One of the highlights at the convention was this adorable Raichu cosplayer. Thank you for this one of a kind photo! ^_^ (My camera doesn't like inside photos with moving people, it seems, because all the pictures ended up looking like this... and I'm not such a pro at Photoshop to make it look better ^^*) I also printed the photo on glossy paper, so this piece of memory is now in my Raichu folder beside the cute drawings you all have sent me. :)

I also found this cute Skymin cellphone strap, although I'm not 100% sure if I'll start collecting this guy or not. If someone would like to trade it for some Raichu figure, feel free to post your offer. :) Otherwise I'll just keep it hanging from my cellphone and be happy with it.

Thanks to the con, my only Chikorita figure - the one without keychain - got a new friend! You can feel the love in the air...

Here's my Chikorita 'collection' this far. I say 'collection' because I'm quite passive with it (as with the Eeveelution one, but more about that below). So please don't offer anything as I'm trying to concentrate my funds on Raichu. ;)

Before the convention I also got four unopened, new Zukan/Evolution Figures. I had the best of luck as I managed to get the set that I wanted most (the Chikorita one would've been nice too, but not essential). Normally I have to buy lots and lots of those random packed toys to get the one I need, so I was quite amazed. I hope there'll be an European version of the Glaceon/Leafeon and Vaporeon/Flareon/Jolteon sets as well so there'd be no need to pay millions for them on the Internet. ^^*

Then, my Eeveelution figure 'collection'. I'll be getting a Glaceon figure soon as well, so then I only need Leafeon (and maybe Umbreon and Espeon by Tomy some time in the distant future). Like with Chikorita, I haven't been too active collecting these ones. I just end up keeping Eeveelution stuff if I happen to get them in some big lot while buying Raichu things. xP

Next time: hopefully a lot of miscellanous Raichu stuff and a Glaceon figure straight from Japan!

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