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Lots of gets

So many gets received within two weeks to show you. Hoping you'll enjoy :3

¤ from viperfox
Something I discovered here and definitely would not had if I hadn't been admitted into the community.

As you can see the smoke outline is a bit glittering.

They were sent in a nice envelope with a beautiful stamp (and a sentence in french inside the card, but I forgot to photograph it and now I'm a bit lazy ;P)
I Love them <3 So I put them into my Shiny 'Karp sleeves (like all my Shiny Pokémon cards).

In fact I first commissioned Arbok since it's (one of) my favorite Shiny Pokémon. And thrilled with the result, I then decided to commission Weezing too. But the link with Team Rocket is merely coincidental x) They are just my two favorite Shiny Pokémon from the first Gen.
Thank you again to the friendly artist o/

¤ from Noppin
3 Jumbo cards

8 Shiny Pokémon cards

And finally Jessie and James Kyun Chara figures to complete the set.

Eevee is more down waiting for his Kyun Chara family. But because of the Lottery Pokédoll figures that I have recently won and the upcoming ones, I have to change the entire layout xD

¤ from kyogres
I usually collect only Japanese goods, but this time I made an exception (in fact I didn't know it was an English card at the beginning lol). Probably because of the upcoming movie, I have increasingly interest in Mewtwo. Anyway I found this card was pretty and liked the armor and story around it.

¤ from pikabulbachu

With a cute little Arbok :3
Second Shiny Arbok ACEO with a different design of course. Thanks again to the artist o/
I think I'm falling in love with this art form ^^ And so Shiny Arbok will be the Pokémon I will request for my future ACEO commissions. I like the idea of having lots of different representations and interpretations of the same Pokémon.

¤ from tofu256

I'm not so fan when there are humans (generally in "art"). But I liked Mewtwo's posture, so I bought it. And Nobunaga's Ambition characters are quite fun

¤ from myprettysoldier
Team Rocket Boss and Persian Topps card

I liked the picture and thought it would go well with the armored Mewtwo one.

2 stickers
I didn't realize they were stickers (and not card) and were smaller than TCG cards. So I was a bit disappointed, but they are nice.

¤ from +Poke Box+
As I posted two weeks ago, Pokebox Eeveelutions charms set came back. So I bought it and it really worth it.

They are so cute <3 My favorite ones are Flareon and Leafeon ^^

¤ from AmiAmi

His movements are a bit more limited than the previous ones, but it's still a high quality figure. Now only Venusaur is missing ^^

¤ from sunyshore

Tepig is cuter than what I expected
I like Venusaur's face even though the plush not unanimous. By cons quality around Blastoise's arms is a bit disappointing.
And I love this Deoxys :3


I like his bright orange :3


So cute :3 I love her more and more

Finished ^^
Less comments towards the end since I'm a bit tired x)
And hope so there are not too many language mistakes...

My website for more photos : bandeau
Tags: abra, arbok, blastoise, charizard, deoxys, kadabra, mewtwo, venusaur, weezing

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