Lugia Chan (lugiaryu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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Looking for Lugia, Topps cards, Chatot, and jolteon!

Click (picture is over 500pxls) Anything you see here is what I have. Anything I don't have, feel free to put your offer down if your willing. Also, I love topps pokemon cards, any idea how many are in the complete set? I'm looking for them, feel free to offer- all prices accepted. I'm ebay standard for pricing, keep in mind.
And yes, I AM looking for those lugia plushes I don't have. o_o is my dev id if u want to commission/trade though completely optional. Lugia items as for ANYTHING, even if its a picture of lugia. : D

I like jolteons and chatots too.
As for chatot I have the figure with the marble and the bandai figure. No jolteon items, sad story- besides the common cards of course.

NO DARK LUGIAS, sorry. Not a fan of it.
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