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A Couple of Ebay wins, a grail, and a few items for sale/trade

Hello to one and all! First off, I'd like to show off a couple of things I won on ebay. One is a grail-ish item. Pics under the cut. :)

Here's my grail-ish item! Surprisingly, he was just under $20. ^__^ I've seen him on ebay going for well over $45, so this was a treat. The seller didn't have 'Pikachu' in the title, which is why I'm assuming no one else placed a bid on him. I can't wait till he arrives! :3

I also won this a couple of days prior to winning Pika. This was quite pricey, but will, hopefully, be worth it. It looks official to me. It still has the tag and whatnot. Anybody know if it is or not? It's coming from HK, which is why I'm asking. I know many items from Japan are made in China, so I'm not against purchasing items that are shipping from there. I just like knowing that what I'm getting is legit.

I also got the newest Pika friends plush yesterday! ^_^ He's from this set. We sell all of those plush at our booth. Luckily, not a lot of people know about Shaymin and Skymin yet. We haven't sold a single one of those two in friend plush form. ^^; I know we'll sell a ton once the movie comes out, though. I can't wait for our booth to get the new Banpresto UFO plush. <3 That will be awesome! I may be tempted by the Shaymin version.

Now, on to a little business. When I went the mall yesterday to pick up a few Poke goods, I ended up with stuff I didn't want. ^^; So, I'm hoping to either sell or trade for items I do want. Crappy/Lazy pics under the cut. XD;;

First off, the newest phone straps. I was excited to see them in Japanese Lifestyle. I got change for $3 and hoped for Pikachu and Darkrai. As you can probably guess, I didn't get either. ;_; I ended up with Drifblim, Lickilicky, and Palkia. The three I wanted the least, to be honest. ^^; So, if anyone has Darkrai or Pikachu and would like any of the three I have, I'd love to trade. ^_^ Otherwise, they will go in my shop to be sold or traded.
Traded: Drifblim for Pikachu (thanks warandromance! :3)
Sold: Lickilicky

Sorry for the cruddy pic. Anyway, the same store had series 2 magnet packs for sale. Out on display, they had Pikachu and Mamoswine. I really wanted Pikachu, so I asked the employee on duty if I could simply buy Pikachu. She said no, so I sighed. I bought one of the blind packs and ended up with these two. Magmortor is cool, but I have to limit myself to the certain Pokemon I'm collecting at the moment. ^^; Things would get out of control if I collecting too many Pokemon.

So, anyway, would anyone like these? ^^ I'm not sure what all the Pokemon are in this magnet series, so I can't ask for a trade... unless it were for the Darkrai phone strap I asked for above. ;) Or the Pika magnet. These magnets will be $2 each. Oh, and they are 3D. :)

Next would be my pull from a series 3 stamper pack. Anyone Lickilicki? ^^ It's up for trade and/or sale. $3. Sold to kefanii! ^_^ Thanks!
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