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Lotto Prizes Sale Post!

I should have taken a picture of the 8 boxes (2 were not Pokemon related, but the others were), that were waiting in my room for me when I came back to Texas. XD

Within them, were two packages from Sunyshore and 4 from SMJ. What I am selling from them is below the cut. ^_^


If you bought lotto items from me, they will be mailed shortly!

Brief sales policies, etc:

I may refuse the right to sell to anyone, but generally only for poor past experience or plain rudeness (we're all adults here! :D) Payment is due within 24 hours, or your items will go back up for sale. I accept paypal only, no e-checks please.

My shipping rates start at $2 for within the USA and $3 for outside the US - unfortunately, most of the items in this post will be more expensive than that because they are bulkier. ^_^; All items are shipped USPS first class without insurance (you may purchase insurance if you like, or sometimes on expensive items I will include it in the shipping cost) and are generally shipped within 1 week of payment being received.

You can make offers (no trades at this time, please), but I will not be willing to accept much lower than I am asking. ^_^;



Banpresto Lottery Prize Giratina (Origin Form) AUCTION - BRAND NEW in package! The plush is about 14-16" tall and is the perfect hugging size. The detail on this plush is EXCELLENT. This is the first place prize for the Banpresto Lottery and had something like a 1.5% chance of winning it. ^_^

Please comment to the thread with your bid! I will not count it otherwise. This way other bidders can figure things out easier. :) The auction will end Wednesday the 27th of July at 10PM CST. Bidding starts at $45. Please increase bid at least $1 increments. The BIN price is $110.


Banpresto Lottery Prize Clinging/Strap Plush - Both are BRAND NEW and have never been opened - they have velcro straps so they can be wrapped around your wrist or arm. ^_^ Giratina: $16, Pikachu - $11 - SOLD!


Banpresto Lottery Prize Whistles - Both are BRAND NEW and have never been opened. They have cords on them so you can wear them. ^_^ Giratina: $10, Pikachu: $7


Movie 11 Cellphone/GBA Straps - All are BRAND NEW and have never been opened. They're awesome to have on your cellphone or DS. :D CLEAR Shaymin: $6, Normal Piplup - $4, Clear Piplulp - $3 - SOLD, Normal Pikachu - $3, Clear Pikachu - $3, Normal Giratina (Origin) - $7, Clear Giratina (Origin) - $6


Sleven Lottery Shaymin Sky Forme Neck Strap Bag/Misc All are BRAND NEW and have never been opened. Shaymin Sky Forme Neck Strap Bag: $12 - SOLD, Pokemon Pencils - $5, Pikachu/Pichu Pins - $10

Also, a preview picture of the lotto prizes from the group auction I did! Your stuff will be coming soon!


Also, I will be posting an EPIC Collection Update soon! :D So stay tuned! (Bitches don't know, lineaalba hasn't ever HAD such an epic update!)
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