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A new member... yay? ^^;

Hello everyone!  My name is Allie and I'm a poor, but Pokemon-obsessed, college student.  After lurking here for a few weeks now, I finally decided to make an LJ account to join this community =)  I've been playing the games and collecting Pokemon merchandise ever since the first generation games were released back when I was 9... and now I'm 19! 

I used to collect mainly Charmanders and Pokedolls, however, I was pretty pressed for cash last summer and ended up selling a large chunk of my Pokemon stuff on eBay -.-  Nevertheless, lately I've started to collect again, and this time I'm obsessed with Piplup... I've loved penguins ever since I was little!

What's left of my Charmander collection (I do have a bunch of HUGE plushies that I couldn't fit in this picture!):

My few Pokedolls:

Right now my Piplup collection is, well, nonexistent, except for a small figure I crafted out of clay when the D/P starters were first announced in Japan... I fell in love with the teeny tiny penguin right away :D 

She's extremely tiny, about the size of my thumbnail:

I'm really looking for the Burger King Piplup card holder and the promo card, if anyone has an extra, would you like to trade/sell?  I have a mint in bag Chimchar (I opened it to find out the card, it's a Turtwig).

Even though I do have an emotional connection to most of my charmanders/pokedolls I'm willing to trade (or sell) anything in the above collections for Piplups; once I take some more pictures, I'll be able to put the other items I'm looking to sell/trade.. I also have some land form Shaymin items coming in soon that I'm looking to trade for penguins =)

I look forward to meeting everyone here!! <3
Tags: celebi, charmander, chimchar, piplup, shinx
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