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Hello ^^

Life's been a downer lately, but Pokemon always tends to cheer me up, so I finally decided to join Pokemon Collectors! I've been browsing for months and I look forward to being able to buy and sell stuff myself one day :3 I'm not sure who I have to contact about selling, but I'm not here to only do that, so that can wait ^^ I'm about to go into my second year of Uni and I've been a Pokemon fan since I was ten...so nearly 10 years o.o

As for me, I love to sew plushies ^^ lately I've been in a slump because of life stuff, so I haven't been making as many, but here's some I have made:

I hope to show off my collection of Pokemon goodies soon :3 I'll only show off one thing in this introduction ^^;

Today my mom and I went to some yardsales. She got my little sister a bunch of stuff, so she said that she'd get me something. Well, as I was browsing the shelves of some antigue market we stopped at, I see this little cutie on a shelf:

dratiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiii.jpg picture by Twilmer

I couldn't resist! It's an oldie, but a goodie. I now have two of the KFC plushies, Vulpix and Dratini. I just need Zubat and Seel (I think those were the ones) to complete my collection X3 She's so soft and cuddly! Now I just have to wait for my Shaymin plushie, which should come in a few days, hopefully...and I should finish the many plushies I have to do ><

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's collections ^^

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