Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

just my final post from japan :D oh... therell be more from america, so dont cry!

....XD yeah shut up gin

giratinas taking over! for that photo anyway. then they went into a box.

new shinx battrio! its the one at the top. grrr! (reload if you only see two battrio pucks)

the final purchases i made at the pokecen :< for 3 weeks anyway ;D

the flavor of the month - magnemite bags! squeal! its got all of them in pattern as the background. so glad i got these before i left.

my suitcase. a combination of "deputy" orders, sunyshore orders, gifts, and... clothes? personal belongings? whats that? do i need those? naaaaaaw

and those cel sketches arrived earlier than i though :D

thus i say goodbye to my babies with a promise to bring lots of new friends for them from america :D

see some of you at otakon? :D (we're in artists alley selling original CDs by pyon, and original pokemon artwork, buttons, bookmarks, and more! and its by a real artist, not me, so come find us! :D we'll be a gang of roark, richie, sparky, charmander, and a japanese boy with lucario ears and keyboard!)
Tags: collection, giratina, luxray, raichu, shaymin, shinx, skymin
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