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Pokedoll Auctions

Well, it's finally come to this...

Times are hard these days, or at least for me, and it's become increasingly difficult to pay the bills. That having been said, I've decided to auction off some of my pokedolls to help with my owed bills.

This will be a very short auction, that will end 11:00PM PST 8-3-08 ( 2:00AM EST 8-4-08)

If you wish to just bypass the auction process and BUY the doll, you are welcome at anytime (even after bids have been placed) to claim to item for the "Buy it Now" price.

Winner agrees to pay within 24 hours after having won the auction (the only reason I rush is because my car insurance is due Tuesday)

Shipping will be $4.00 to anywhere.

Umbreon: (Still has tag, though it is slightly bent)
Starting Price: $35
Buy it Now: $55

Sceptile: (Apparently very rare - Does not have original tag as that's how I received it)
Starting Price: $ 40
Buy it Now: $60

Pictures of the Pokedolls for sale:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask here or contact me via AIM, MSN,or Email.

Aim: Hybridr4inbows
Email: Anuvia [at] Gmail [dot] com
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