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Sales! Kids, Zukan, Pan Stickers, more

Hey, all! I'm clearing out a lot of my personal collection to make more room for the Pokemon I collect more specifically. Included are Pokemon kids, zukan, miscellaneous figures, and pan stickers! Also, since I haven't posted anything regarding my collection (sans birdpile) for over a month, I'll be posting a huge collection update very soon! ...does anyone outside of chat even remember me? XDD

Also, please take a look at MY WANTS LIST - I'm totally open to trading for anything that I want! Please ask~ ♥

Enough chatter- on to the sales!

UPDATE: I'm going to bed now! I'll get back to everyone in the morning~

- I'm located in the US, but will accept orders from around the world. As such, all prices are in USD.
- I accept money order/concealed cash (at your own risk!) from US residents and Paypal regardless of location. Please let me know if you plan to use an e-check!
- Shipping for figures (including paypal fees) begins at $2.50 within the US and $3.00 international and may increase with bulkier orders. Also, please tell me your location so I can tally up the total shipping price!
- Payment is due within 24 hours of my order confirmation. At the moment I will NOT hold items and I do NOT accept haggling.
- No art trades or cards, please!
- Serious buyers only!


Loved Pokekids - $2 each or all for $11
Venomoth, Wailmer, Furret, Sneasel, Wartortle, Growlithe, Ledyba, Squirtle, Tauros
Absol is not the official shiny kid, but is custom painted by another community member.

PokeKids in good shape!
Espeon and Lucario - $9 each
Groudon - $5
Dugtrio, Clear Ivysaur, Crobat - $4 each
Beautifly - $3

Finneon/Lumineon and Hoppip family zukan - $5 each

Blue and pink Shellos/Gastrodon zukan, $5 each
Each was separated from the Riolu/Lucario zukans they were packaged with but are otherwise sealed.

Pichu V-trainer - $4
Charmander, Treecko, Mudkip - $2 each
Rhyhorn, Squirtle - $1 each

Pan Stickers: Shipping for stickers on their own is $1 in the US and $1.50 international.

Brock/Happiny, Dawn/Pachirisu, Celebi, Blastoise, Mewtwo - $3 each
Darkrai, Darkrai/Dialga - $4 each
Mew/Mewtwo - $5

Marill/Togepi, Regirock, Deoxys, Marshtomp - $2 each
Pachirisu/Buneary - $4

Non-Pokemon Stuff:

Gaomon Pieces - $3. Comes as part of a digivolving Gaomon-Gaogamon set, but I only collect Gaogamon so I have no use for this. D:
Data Chip thingymer - $1 or FREE with Gaomon. Came with the digivolving Gaomon-MachGaomon figure, and I suppose it works with a Digivice.

Starfox Adventures - $8. I originally bought this used on eBay but it plays well. Does NOT include the instruction book.

Thanks for looking!
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