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Some things I thought were better off not stuffed in my sales post. :D

Rare 1997 Banpresto Charmeleon UFO Catcher

Yup, this guy is mint with tags. Not a flaw on him that I can see. I have seen several members express interest in him in the past, so I decided an auction would be the best bet for this guy.

Highest bidder: bergunty - $12

Edit: oshi- uhhh, ends Monday @ 8 pm est.

Sandshrew and I are parting ways. I decided to sell off some of my smaller collections to focus on my main ones, and I am starting with the desert mice.

Sandshrew kid: $3.50
Clear Sandshrew kid: $4 (small paint rub on snout)
Sandshrew/Sandslash TOMY figures (will not serperate): $5
Sandshrew line zukan: $10 (uh, you can haggle with me if it isn't worth this much.)
Small Sandslash figure: $2

Jakks Pacific Chimchar mint with tag

Sleeping Pichu UFO catcher
Was once attached to a Totodile, but has since been removed. Has no tush or hang tags because of this.
Great condition. Has a very small mark near his right ear, and a very, very small hole on the back of his head from where he was once attached to Totodile.

And of course, shameless plug to the Sketchy Pokemon Selling Alley.
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