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Pokemon Collection!

Well, I arranged my Pokemon collection (or what I could find of it anyways) and took pics last night. Not the best quality, but eh. Some of these items (like the Torchic plushie) I'd be willing to make trades for. If you want to trade, don't hesitate to ask :3 I'm a plushie fanatic! As for what I try and collect, I like Ho-oh, Pichu (my fav <3), Leafeon, Weavile, Togekiss, and Shaymin (as everyone does it seems ;) ) and other cuties, I don't really collect anything in particular ^^; just whatever is cute and I like :3 So anyways, enjoy my collection ^^ As you can tell, my collection needs updating! Most of mine are from older times, but I do have a fair bit of new stuff. This also doesn't include the stuff I plan on selling later :3 also minus my holographic and promo cards.

Cut, image heavy.

Up first is my Tomy Figures:

tomyfigures.jpg picture by Twilmer

I only have one 4th gen Pokemon here, the Chatot (thanks to Chatsy :3). I love the Pichu and Lugia is about twice the size of all the others :3 I have a Mudkip too, but I think he's packed up with my Uni stuff >.> I couldn't find him. Same with a Pichu plushie magnet I have, that's with my Uni stuff :3

Next up are rubbery Pokemon

squishypokemon.jpg picture by Twilmer

These were out back when Pokemon first came out. I bought them all at the drug store. They're rubbery and I loved collecting them. Blastoise, Nidoqueen, and Raticate are my favs! Random Baltoy mighty bean XD

These are my trading figure Pokemon:

tradingfigures.jpg picture by Twilmer

These were all sent to me by a friend. The only ones I really like are Zangoose, Salamence, and Ho-oh. Lugia has marks on him, but is amazing none-the-less. I'd be willing to trade Meowth, Feraligator, and Eevee for something :3

Burgerking Toys

burgerking.jpg picture by Twilmer

I used to have them all at some point, but I got rid of ones I don't want. I'll be selling a bunch of these in a future sells post. I have an extra Togepi if anyone's interested X3 I remember I was so ecstatic when I got Mewtwo, Mew, and the Talking Pikachu. We must have ate at Burgerking for every meal for WEEKS back then. Ahhh nostalgia <3


kids.jpg picture by Twilmer

These are the only kids I have ^^; I think I have a Cacnea and Dustox somewhere, but I can't find them >.>;;; Wigglytuff is one of the first kids ever. I got her waaaay back almost 9 years ago. The others are from Ebay, Shaymin, and Tay and the person who ordered the Quilava plushie from me (I can't remember your screenie ;3; I remember your real name, though XD). The big Darkrai is my fav <3

bigpokemon.jpg picture by Twilmer

Some Big Pokemon figures. Mew, Clefairy, and Jiggly all say their names (the Mew is Japanese) and Chika and Toto use attacks.

manga.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon Manga and the sticker book. My favorite manga is the wishmaker one <3

beanies.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon beanies <3 I love Plusle and Lotad. I'd be willing to trade everything else, though. Lotad's definately my favorite, it has six adorable feets X3

oldplushies.jpg picture by Twilmer

Old beanies from waaay back. I love the Quagsire and funky Gligar XD

plushieballs.jpg picture by Twilmer

I might be willing to trade these. Pokemon plushies that come out of clear pokeballs. They're beanie and squishy <3

neobox.jpg picture by Twilmer

Neo card box with everything in it. I found this at a yard sale for a quarter. Too bad it didn't come with the deck :/ the Japanese rule book is a lot more interesting with little pictures and such than the english one, that's for sure.

marbles.jpg picture by Twilmer

Two marble bags with marbles in them (I have a Mew marble :D) and the Pichu bros card I love so much <3 (also from teh Chatsy <3)

pokemonerasers.jpg picture by Twilmer

I don't need two Manaphy boxes, so I can trade one, but here's some OLD erasers from when Pokemon was first out. XD when I was little I tried to make Pikachu more pikachu like with sharpees ^^;

pokemon2.jpg picture by Twilmer

RANDOM things. Pokedex, Lugia and Pikachu silver coins (flash makes that hard to see) Moltres and Horsea coins (flash makes them look bad, they're all in really good shape >.<) Pokeball playing cards, two Cyndaquil cracker jack toys, Pokemon rolly stamps, Japanese sticker box (never used, all stickers still inside), Clefairy Calculator, and Hey You Pikachu :3 I have the GS one, but I don't want that one, so it's going up for sale or trade when I can do those (same with the GS Pokedex I have).

eyeglasscase.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon glasses case ^^;

pokemoncoin.jpg picture by Twilmer

Blurry pic, but I got this when I reserved my Sapphire game :3

pokemon1.jpg picture by Twilmer

More random things. Munchlax coin, Piplup mini plush, Polish Flygon coin from cheetos, random Pikachu I found, Magicarp bath toy, Pikachu and Mew rolly toys, awesome Weavile, Croagunk gold plated tiny figure and box, and Espeon Vtrainer figure :3 and yeah, Pikachu's tail fell off XD

pokedolls.jpg picture by Twilmer

My Pokedolls! Ho-oh, Flareon, and Mudkip are all from the original pokedoll set and have furr instead of the soft material. The Mudkip, Leafeon, and Glaceon are all Japanese. I aboslutely love my Ho-oh Pokedoll <3 I want the Celebi and Pikachu pokedolls. ^^;

pokemon4.jpg picture by Twilmer

Random Pokemon keychains, a Chansey that folds into a Pokeball, and my Squirtle christmas ornament. The corphish and others are for trade, just ask :3

pokemon3.jpg picture by Twilmer

More random Pokemon stuff. Ariados says it's name and when you hit it's head, it's eyes go swirly as if it's knocked out. Spinerak toy (used to shoot webs out of his behind, but heck if I know where the web is) Pokeflute toy, Mudkip keychain, Ivysaur keychain (minus the keychain), Horsea keychain, Mewtwo, Squirtle, and Meowth light up. Pikachu bubble keychain (still has the bubbles), Charmander figure from a birthday cake, Wigglytuff from bubble bath, Squirtle model build thingy, another random Pikachu I found, and a Totodile thinkchip figure that's been leveled up some xD. Most of these I'll trade.

tacobell.jpg picture by Twilmer

KFC beanies <3 Vulpix (Connie) and Dratini (Martini) yes, I named them ^^; I still need the other two ^^;

pokemon5.jpg picture by Twilmer

More random Pokemon things. My James <3 <3 Budew Pencil, Gengar and Starmie gel pens (I'll trade the Gengar), my Pikachu Stylus, Leafeon made for me by Marki-san, Pichu cellphone charm made for me by the amazing and wonderful Moya <3, and a Rayquaza card tin (for trade).

southernisland.jpg picture by Twilmer

Horrible quality photos, but this is my Southern island collector's set <3 it was worth every cent I spent on it. I'm still looking for the rest of the cards in Japanese. I wish I could show how awesome this is irl <3 <3

randomplush.jpg picture by Twilmer

Random plush. Pikachu talks and his cheeks light up, but he no longer waggles his ears or mouth :/ Corphish beanie! and an adorable and big Torchic. I'll trade the Torchic for something :3 It's super soft and well made <3

darkraipromo.jpg picture by Twilmer

Horrible pic, but my Darkrai jumbo card and the mini one too <3 I love these <3 <3

darkrai.jpg picture by Twilmer

Speaking of Darkrai, I hastily made this one during the 10th movie because Darkrai was just SO amazing in it <3 this plushie is so huge and cuddly. He watches over my dreams at night <3 not one of my better made plushies, but heck if I don't love him to death <3

ho-oh.jpg picture by Twilmer

Random pic of my Ho-oh collection XD small, isn't it? Ho-oh, Darkrai, and Shaymin have to be my favorite legendaries <3 too bad Ho-oh never got his own movie ;3;

jewelrybox1.jpg picture by Twilmerjewelrybox2.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pikachu jewelry box. This is VERY rare <3 I've had this for AGES and it's condition is just like I bought it. The Pikachu twirls when you wind the box up and it plays Mezase Pokemon Master.

ufoplushies.jpg picture by Twilmer

My UFO plushies <3 Mudkip iz so fuzzie and Croagunk's cheeks light up. Uxie is just so well made and awesome <3 and yeah, she's wearing my bracelet as a necklace XD

and last but not least...

squirtle1.jpg picture by Twilmer

Cresselia kid for size referance. This is my life-size Squirtle plushie. He's so soft and big and is the size Squirtle would be if they were...well...real XD I love this guy who wears a hat in a corner of my room.

And there you have it. Whew, that took awhile XD I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me ^^
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