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A wild newbie appeared! and a question

Hey everyone, after lurking around here for a bit I decided to join the community :}  My collection as far as plushes, figures, etc goes is quite small.  However my card collection is HUGE.  I have about 35 exs plus many other rares. 

My favorite pokemon are: growlithe/arcanine, Shaymin (sky form), ABSOL<333, LATIOS<333(I want the epic HUGE plushie), leafeon, glaceon,  mudkip line, lucario and many others.  I also, like LonePichu (whom is a DA friend) make plushies!  once I learn how to put images under the cut I will post the plushes I made (and I do take commissions!) 

question: how do you add cuts?  like if I want to post pictures and keep them under the cut along with add text underneath them,  I've been fooling around with LJ but I can't seem to get it right, please help a poor newb xD
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