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Finally back online!

YAYS After many problems and phone calls later I finally got my internet back after nearly 2 months without it. I have slowly been going crazy and am constantly wondering what on earth I used to do  before i got it O_o
But I have a few things I wanna clear up before I start buying again. Fiirst thing is: Do I owe anyone any money? I'm pretty sure don't, but I wanted to check just to make sure. If I do feel free to flame me and such and I'm terribly sorry if I caused any trouble
During my absence I got a few packages. I got my pokedolls from Privatelyricist (sp?).I love Ho-oh and Umbreon has been named Manfred and is adorable, thank you! And we got the machop cards from Knackering! The drawing was adorable and now my brother has it on his door next to his SSBB poster. He's very proud of it ^_^ Thanks so much! Also is Fernchu still around? (I think it was you I bought Brawl from).
Phew! I think thats all for now.  I'm glad to be back thats for sure. So what have I missed?
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