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Website Updated! Plus some pics! Also last chance sales!

Click the link to check it out! I am sorry if anyone visited it in the past few days, I was doing some reorganizing. xD Also if anyone linking to me was hosting the link button from my photobucket, the location has changed! All the right info is on my Links page. :3

I have added every thing I have! :O Also I have broken up Plushies, Figures and Flat Items to separate pages.

On to business...

I reorganized my collections the other day because I was feeling jealous of piles of Sheimis. xD It was an exercise in 'being happy with what you have' and it worked. :3 I like how it looked, but now they are all packed away for moving day. ;o;

I kept this out though. I just love it soooo much! <33

My Dratinis moved in here! But again, they are all packed now. xD And I have new huge shelves to assemble once I get moved in, so it will all look different! How exciting! :D :D

I was fond of how this picture came out. <3


This week is the last chance for my sales post. I won't be putting any of these on eBay. |D All I have is unpopular Pokemon. :( :P
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