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My Collection Part 1


i am here to post part of my collection of plush and figures. i have much more than this, but the rest is in the garage and i am not sure where. i don't really want to look for it right now. plus it gets REALLY hot in there! i live in Arizona. just the other day it was 116 degrees outside!! so, i am not sure when part 2 is going to come. most likely when it gets cooler here. October or November.

there are a few figures i am willing to sell or trade for. i will take a picture of all of the figures and plush i am willing to trade or sell. i am not sure when i am aloud to buy or trade. i think i read in the rules i have to be a member for while. that is fine. but if i can do it now, i am looking for three items right now. i need three more of the BK toys to have the complete set. i need the Palkia deck box, Chimchar figure card holder, and Mantyke plush card frame. i have four extra toys. three sealed in their bags and one out of its bag. but i do have the bag for it. i can include a card with it too. i tried to collect all of the cards, but i wanted to collect the toys more. the extras are pictured at the end of all of the pictures.

sorry to go on and on. i do that sometimes......on to my collection! :)

This is part of my Vulpix collection. two plush are missing and i think one or two more items.

Here are a good portion of my figures

Here are my old BK toys and my 10th Anniversary Pikachu and pin. i got this pin free because i worked as staff at the event demoing the card game!

Here are part of my tomy figures.

Here is the other part of my tomy figures.

First, toward the back is my Torchic and Treecko evolution toys. i am missing the Mudkip line! anyone have it for trade or sale?
Moving toward the front is my key chain Togepi and Mew. they are supposed to be in pokeballs, but i am not sure where they are.....
Then you come to random little figures. i have no idea where these came from! i know my brother got me the Butterfree from a friend.

i love these figures! these are the vs Gym leaders and i think May was one you could battle too. you bought an eletronic little base you put the figures on and attached a chip with a picture of a gym leader and their pokemon and you battled them! i mainly bought it for the figures. i am not sure how many there are.....

here are the rest.

The Pikachu and Eevee where on top of a tube with candy.
The Pichu came from a cereal box.
The Sandshrew key chain was bought in a store that sold a lot of different japan collectibles. i miss that store. it is back in Missouri where i used to live.
The Squirtle....don't remember.
The Bulbasaur came from one of those machines that have the toy in a plastic "egg".

The Azumarill, Torchi, and Munchlax are from the "egg" machine too.
The Minun,
Plusle, and Bulbasaur were received from a game at the Pokemon Rocks America event in October 2005. i worked the trading card event their too:) i got the staff t-shirt. i will try to remember to take a picture sometime.

Pokedolls 1

Pokedolls 2

Plush 1

Plush 2

Plush 3-the Pikachu came from a pre-made easter basket this year from walgreens!
i love this Mew!! it came from the pokemon center booth at Pokemon TCG Worlds 2007

The newest member, Happiny. i just got her today at Target:)
the three figures where forgotten behind my BK toy display, so here they are:) i love Buizel and Shinx!

My BK collection so far. i hope to get the other three that are missing.

Here are my four extra BK toys. does anyone need them?

thats it! sorry for so many pictures. i had a good time showing everything off. :) hope everyone enjoys looking at my collection. please let me know if i can trade or sell yet, and if i can, i would like those three BK toys i was talking about if anyone has them as extras. thank you so much!

have a great day/night/week everyone! :D
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