Lati Queen (seouldew) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lati Queen

Victory music! My collection :> PART UNO!

Finally I understand LJ-cut, thank you to everyone who helped me! Turns out I was doing it right all along xD's my collection...Warning: EXTREMELY IMAGE HEAVY!

Really fat card binder, yay for luxray!

some figures<3

Captain JellyBean (wailord poke doll) and a custom shaymin plush I made :> I have 2 commission slots open btw~

The very first plush I ever made, Latios!

Bon-Bon the Buneary, Flare the Ho-oh, and Captain JellyBean the wailord<3

a work in progress, lol its Altaria for someone on DA :>


a half box of ruby/sapphire 1st edition Korean cards, it came with 15 packs, I got a bunch of holos and a korean Hitmonchan ex!

tins, I'll trade em^^

fire and water binder, and 'rare/holo' binder

first page of cards...shiny Flareon<3

10th anniversary cards, I had to beg my mom to bid for these!

moar cards

water cards!
That was part one, I'll post part two later! bye!
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