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Collection update + Grail <3

Hey everyone! I was going to post this last Friday but stuff kept uh... keeping me busy. Except on Sunday, that day I was just plain lazy. xD
So, today my hand hurts like heck so I figured I'd just use it to do things that don't hurt. Like using a mouse. So you all get my first collection update!

Everyone togheter. Cute drawing by pheonixxfoxx.

Same group photo, different angle. Drawing not included because it didn't look good from that angle.
Missing from photos: random older Caterpie cards I had (still looking for them), Caterpie Trozei magnet from warandromance (just forgot to add it to the photo).

Now on to the individual photos!

Caterpie Friends Plush from juumou. Too cute! Mom sewed his tail up a bit, since it was about to fall off. Other than that, we didn't do any other changes to him. I'm still thinking of a name for him.

Caterpie Kid from regen, named Cady. Cady because my Omanyte one (also from regen) is called Oma, which reminds me of House for a specific episode. House reminds me of Cuddy. I didn't want to name her Cuddy so she's called Cady. xDD

And now, on to the GRAIL!

Caterpie Tomy Figure, from the awesome phoenixxfoxx, who sent him over TWICE since he was sent back to her. He's had quite an adventure, uh? And to those wondering why he's my grail, it's simple. As a child, I used to collect Tomys and similar figures, but I NEVER saw a Caterpie one for sale anywhere. I was looking for one since I was EIGHT. Now I'm SEVENTEEN, turning eighteen in December. That's, like, 10 years. 10 FRIGGING YEARS. xD Every time I found one, something odd happened and kept me from getting him (something did happen to this one too but I got him anyway <333). So yeah. Grail. Holy frigging Grail of Holiness. And I love him to bits <333
Plus, he needs a name as well. Sugestions? x3

And just for fun, I made a comparision between Pie, Mama Pie and Baby Pie. Check it out, it proves that Baby Pie rules more than the other members of his family. xD

Tail (or lack of it) comparision

Antenna comparision

If you want to see the photos I didn't post here, check this link out:
I'm almost sure it works. xD

Coming Next! Cards (including some I don't really want *hint hint*), Tomys, Tiny Figures AND Broken's first sculpey... sculpture!
Stay tuned for my next post... Whenever the heck I decide to make it. xD I hope you've all enjoyed this as much as I did. See you all!
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