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~SlothyShrooms Most Wanted~

I'm back from a bit of a hiatus, I've been on vacation, going to conventions and dealt with some family matters that needed to be attended. I've been shopping around and commenting on collections but now I'm back to my normal rounds here on the comm. :3 Which means a short want list from me and in the next couple days I'll post a new sales update along with a long overdue collection update. <3

Any help finding any of these would be amaaaazing~
Even if you don't have the item but know of a site or place I may purchase them, PLEASE comment and tell me.

The Sylveon bug has gotten me and I'll be collecting all figures and plush for her. She'll be the one I'll be wanting the most out of this post since I want to stay on top with her merch. You know me, I'm out to spend spend spend. Just give me a total and I'll pay. :D


*Sylveon Movie Standing Kid Figure
*Sylveon Pan Sticker
*Sylveon + Pikachu Pan Sticker
*Sylveon Watch

Got them all! Thank you!

*Emolga 2013 Mcdonalds Figure
This just came out and I'm hoping McD's is still putting them in happy meals so I can get my hands on the Emolga. :3

*Emolga Paper Face Mask
*Emolga Pan Sticker
*Pink Emolga Retsuden Stamp

*Zigzagoon plush
*Zigzagoon spinny disk Figure
*Zigzagoon Hasbro Figure
I'm after Ziggy still and these are the last few items I need to complete my collection.

*Settei of Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking/Shroomish/Breloom/Mienshao/Mienfoo/Emolga

Finding any of these would be a dream. I'd be thrilled to see any of these guys up for grabs.

*Slakoth AG Retsuden Stamps

;A; These continue to alude me. I can't take it....I must have them. Someone come to me and I'll give you big bucks for it. <3
*Slakoth Metal Figures

I'm still on the hunt for more Slakoth Metal Figures, the figures shown above are the ones I'm looking for.

*Emolga Jakks Prototype

This one is a long shot since this one is in the Jakks vault but you never know if there are any out there no one knows about. He is a big holy grail for my Emolga collection and I'd pay big $$$ for it.


AAAAAAH!!!! THIS!!!! He has been upgraded to a holy grail after losing him in a Y!J auction a week ago. ;3; I'd be will to pay over $250+ for him. Please help me on its whereabouts.....So close....

Anything on my Want page on my collection website that isn't listed here can be found here:

Any help finding ANYTHING would be most appreciated. :3


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