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I've heard a lot about this group, and I finally realized recently that I actually HAD a reason to join - I have a large collection of vintage pokemon cards, as well as a few other things.  I collected the cards from Base Set, stopping right when the first third-gen cards came out.  I've played the games for even longer, having played pretty much every game from Red/Blue up to Diamond.

My favorite pokemon is (as will be clear when I show my cards) Tyranitar. :D  I have a general fondness for Dark pokemon, as well as Steel.  Other than pokemon, I enjoy Irish folk music, reading non-fiction books (especially history), politics, and a nice pair of slacks.

I am a third generation ceramist, as well as writer and sculptor who owns his own ceramic studio.  I've made pokemon statues (roughly in scale with each other, and Ironically not out of clay) of almost everything up to third gen.  I may finish that gen and start into fourth if I feel the urge.  I'll post pictures of these soon!  lineaalba has seen them, and I believe she would agree they're decent.

Anyway, I am just saying hello for now - I will post pics soon!  I hope to be around more and meet you all, though naturally I am somewhat busy with running my studio. =3
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