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Look what came in the mail!!!

After having a really crummy day, I get an IM from my friend saying that my Shaymin had come!!! Since I had used her paypal account for this purchase, it went to her house ^^; anyways, I cut open the box and the first thing I see is a little, charming face smiling up at me <3!!!!

The pics do her NO justice at all. I've named her Shaymee and I just had to brag about her on here ;3; and Grrowly, I sent your gel pen out today. Irene, yours has been sent as well. Sorry it took me so long to actually send this >< I added a few things to the pack to make up for my lateness ^^;

shay.jpg picture by Twilmer

shayplush1.jpg picture by Twilmer

Shaymee gets her first look around outside of the box she came in.

shayplush3.jpg picture by Twilmer

Look at that cute little face <3

shayplush4.jpg picture by Twilmer

I now own two life-size plushies. I hope I can get even more life-size plushes ;3;

shayplush5.jpg picture by Twilmer

I introduced her to my Darkrai. Guh! All the hidden Pokemon have been so awesome so far. I have high hopes for Arceus next year. Darkrai is very protective of his little sister. (and yep, I made the Darkrai ^^; )

shayplush6.jpg picture by Twilmer

She likes to snuggle up under the covers X3 she blends right in.

shayplush7.jpg picture by Twilmer


shayplush2.jpg picture by Twilmer

Now that she's made herself comfortable, Shaymee has settled in the same way I do...lazing about on the computer all day XD Shaymee enjoyed the cakemin too :3 (that wasn't intentional, it just happened to be the page I was looking at when Shaymee arrived ^^; )
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