sugarcoated (sugar0coated) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan Lot on eBay

I have put a zukan lot on ebay! =B It includes many rarer pieces such as Seaking, Horsea, Kingdra, Swimming Milotic (Damaged), Feebas, Kangaskhan, Gardevoir, Mightyena and many, many more. If anyone wants to GA it (or just bid) be my guest! If you are a pkmncollectors member with at least twenty good feedback, I don't mind shipping via basic, uninsured airmail if you request it, which brings the cost down by quite a bit, but I can't do anything in that case if it goes missing ;3; If you're interested in this, just send me an invoice request at the end of the auction and mention your username and that you want it.

This is the first of a few lots I'm going to be doing. I have some Tomy figures, plush and Banprestos, Pokemon Center plush etc. I desperately need to clear out of my garage - far too many plush toys in there taking up room when I have a new Noppin box on the way full of MORE surplus plush toys D; Rofl. First world problems much?

Selling permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo.

Also, all of this can be combined with my QUICK SALES and with my REGULAR SALES - which will close again within a couple of days as I'm going to be taking items out of there to put in lots.

I am hopefully going to have my next post have actual collection update or gets =D Received four beautiful custom Eeveelution plushies this month and I want to show them off especially!

Edit: tailglow has shown interest in GAing this with the help of a thread/spreadsheet maker! Help her out, anyone? xD

Tags: aerodactyl, aipom, altaria, auction, blissey, buizel, carnivine, carvanha, chansey, chimchar, chimecho, chinchou, chingling, combusken, crawdaunt, cyndaquil, dodrio, doduo, feebas, figures, floatzel, grovyle, horsea, kangaskhan, kingdra, kingler, lopunny, meganium, mightyena, milotic, mime jr., munchlax, phanpy, quilava, rotom, seaking, tomy, tropius, typhlosion, wobbuffet, zangoose, zukan
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