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Tingles Your Taste Buds!

Sales Post!

A number of wonderful little items have finally reached my end, so it's time to divulge and share the rest of the goods with you all! Please note that items here can be combined with any of the items at satinshellshop. Again, this post is incredibly image heavy! ;D

"Movie Anniversary Finger Puppets" Lucario Not Available!
Price(s): $5 $4 each
Availability: Jirachi, Deoxys, Manaphy, Darkrai, Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, Celebi, Latios/Latias
Condition: Brand new and set only removed from box for pictures.

"Movie Anniversary Bobbleheads" ALL SOLD!
Price(s): $4 each
Availability: Celebi, Deoxys, Mewtwo, Jirachi
Condition: Loose, but in mint condition.

"Shinx and Buneary Large Bobbleheads" BOTH SOLD!
Price(s): $8 $7 each
Availability: Shinx, Buneary
Condition: Brand new with their original boxes and packaging, only briefly removed for picture purposes. Box is included with purchase, to be flattened or sent as is on buyer's request.

"Various Gashapon Cups"
Price(s): $4 $3 each
Availability: Plusle/Minun ON HOLD!, Pikachu, Spinda, Spoink, Mudkip, Treecho, Wynaut/Wobbufett, Gulpin
Condition: Brand new and sealed in original wrapping, comes complete with individual insert.

"Various Johto-Region Keychains"
Price(s): $3 each individually, $4 each for Legendaries, $5 $4 for a Set holding Two Keychains
Availability: Chikorita, Bayleef, Pichu, Pikachu, Totodile, Feraligatr, Ho-Oh, Lugia
Condition: Brand new and sealed in package. If buying individual keychains out of a set, first buyer to a keychain gets the original packaging.

"Various Figures and Charms: Mantyke, Metagross, Rayquaza, and Buizel"
Price(s): $1 each for Mantyke Charms, $3.50 $3 each for Metagross, Rayquaza, and Buizel Figures
Availability: Clear!Mantyke, Mantyke, Metagross, Rayquaza, Buizel
Condition: Brand new in package, comes complete with insert.

Capture of Pokemon Town Insert

"Various Goodies: Pokemon Towns (Haunter and Meowth), Jirachi Plush Ball, Weavile Candy Holder"
Price(s): $4 each for the Pokemon Towns, $3.50 $3 each for Jirachi and Weavile
Availability: Haunter, Meowth, Jirachi, Weavile ON HOLD!
Condition: Brand new and sealed in package/capsule, complete with inserts.

"Various Gachapon Buildable Figures" Capture of Insert!
Price(s): $2 each
Availability: Glameow, Pikachu, Croagunk, Cranidos, Pachirisu, Shieldon
Condition: Brand new and sealed in wrapping/capsule, only removed for sale purposes; complete with inserts.

Sales Information and Policies

Payment Method: PayPal only, all forms of PP payment accepted. Please note that there will be a small additional PayPal fee applied to your total. For eCheck payments, I will first wait for said check to clear before shipment.

Shipping: Shipping within the U.S. and international shipping available. Domestic shipping comes at a base of $2 (while supplies last) while international will be a dollar or more. I am not to be held responsible for damaged or lost goods once they leave my hands.

Holds: First come, first serve only! I am willing to hold an item from this sale post for you only up to 24 hours. If I have not received word from you or payment after the time limit expires, it will be back up for grabs! Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Trades and Haggling: I am open for trades (no art trades, sorry!), but hard cash payments typically take first priority. My wants mainly consist of any Skitty, Lucario-Line, Torchic-Line, Cyndaquil-Line, and Croagunk-Line merchandise. Haggling is also permitted within reason.

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥
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