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Hello! Former fan, here...

Hi there! I'm Steph! I cruised in via posts I've seen by some friends of mine. I'm not anywhere *near* the fan that I see all of you guys are, and don't think I ever was, but... My sister and I used to collect Pokemon toys. Yup. And watch the show. And... we were fans of the whole... thing. At one point, we wanted to collect one toy of each of the original 150 (or was it just 50?) Pokemon. We also could name most of them, between us.

Now, all our old toys (except my Eevees!) are going to new homes, and ... sadly, I can't even remember most of the names of the little monsters...

Here's the little brood that will be remaining with me!:

The one on the far left senses motion or sound and chirps and twists her head and tail. So cute! Then there's big PVC Eevee, keychain plush Eevee, and the little PVC Eevee and uh... Flareon? Evolution...? I think...? lol! Told ya I can't remember most of them anymore... ^_^;;

Aren't they cuuuute? hehee.

I found this wooden house shadow box thing, way back when, and painted it up:

Action shot!:

Pokemon really are adorable little things. And the fandom was a lot of fun while it lasted. I still can't believe the sheer amount of SUPER CUTE representations of the little critters that are out there! Which is the other part of the reason I cruised in here - some of you guys have some really creative photos of your collections. I'm a fan of collections, and creative photos thereof - even if not Pokemon! ^_^

Other than that... just wanted to say hello! **waves!**
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