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It was but a silly dream. Never did I think it'd be a reality.

As you might have guessed, this post is about finally completing the legendary Groundbreakers TFG set! Even at this moment I can't still believe that I was able to acquire the 42 figures of the elusive set.

To give a small background to those unfamiliar, the trading figure game or TFG was released last 2006 as part of the promotion of the third generation games. They are small collectible figures that can be battled together in a play mat. What makes them more special was that they were crafted by Kaiyodo, a famous toy making company in Japan known for their very detailed works. Unfortunately, the line was discontinued with only the first set, Next Quest, to officially hit the stores. The supposed next set, Groundbreakers, did not make it to the public. Only the leaked starter sets were "officially" released. With that, the remaining 34 figures remained a mystery with no one knowing where they are or if they existed at all.

Until 2010 when collectors caught glimpse of the unreleased figures floating around in eBay and other online stores that many would say dodgy. Many were skeptical at first but it would seem they are real deal. It is assumed that these are prototype figures supposedly in production but due to cancellation were left to the factory storage and later leaked by sellers. They are scattered all over the world!! While most of them were found in China, some were in Sweden and some have been located in South America like Peru and Brazil! Who would have thought?!

And so it began, the race to complete the legendary TFG set - Groundbreakers!


2012 was really a big year for me, got a lot of Groundbreakers figures which left me with just a few to hunt. I thought it'd take a while before I would get the last four I need but 2013 surprised me with a lot of amazing stuff! Before I knew it I completed it!

The latest TFG acquisitions are the following:

Each has its own story and some very unforgettable. Elekid has become common quite recently. I thought it'd fetch for a very high price. There were many tries on getting a Spinda and at some point it had become quite annoying. Fortunately, kingrarium had a spare one! Flaaffy and the legendary Mewtwo are from white_chocobo I guess some of you would know that I won it from the auction and how the price turned to be really ridiculous. Took me a while to pay it but it's all worth it in the end. And finally got myself a Marshtomp! Traded with someone from PokeGym.

Might as well show you the rest of my collection right? Here they are!

Next Quest


Promo and Special

Movie '07

Movie '08

Movie '09

10th Anniversary

Set I

Got Torchic and Mudkip again! :D

Set II-A

Set II-B

HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black&White

Diamond and Pearl / Platinum / HeartGold and SoulSilver / Shadows of Almia

For more information and individual pictures you can visit my website, Sealed Chamber. Oh, and if you have any info on the sculptor names for the Groundbreakers figures that don't have them please let me know! I'll be posting about side collections next. I wonder when that will be. :P

If you want to trade links, here is the website address: http://sealedchamber.weebly.com

And this is the banner:

Thank you everyone for reading! And thanks most specially to the people who helped get to this point! You guys know who you are. :)

Oh and I'll be ending with this pic of the Kyurem forms!

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