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[This star will shine, and then it will fall, and you will forget it all//]

Several things today!

First of all, I now have received all my skymins from Japonz, which means a collection update is due, but at this moment in time I am rushed off my feet, and absolutely crazy steeped in work.
I have received a lot of packages to date, I just haven't had much time to post, or thank people, after Tuesday I will be posting at a normal rate again ;3 (I can hear the groans already!!)

Box that made me squee the most, had this in;

Even this does not convey just how HUGE and SOFT and ANNOYING it is..
Well the voicebox anyway |D This feels nice DESHU, Goodnight DESHU... Shut up DESHU !!!

But to hug and cuddle, amaze <3 My biggest poke-plush to date! =D THANKYOU GIN!!!

- For everyone in on the big 'The zukan are plentiful' group auction, I have confirmation that they're on their way to me. SMJ are being their lovely selves and confusing the hell out of both me and
pheonixxfoxx , so.. I *think* they will be here next week.

- I haven't forgotten anyone, I don't think, but any sales/trades/things that have been left hanging wll have to wait until after the weekend when I am not about to implode with stress, this includes shipping out for anyone who has bought from me in the last few days. I thought I would have time, but alas, noup!

- Attn
andyboyh  and miss_fuu_chan ; I have no idea what cosplay I'll be wearing to registrations, but I will have a giratina and a pikachu with me, I'll just wave them madly in the reg room xD As for other plans, I have no idea!! Oh my..

Right, back to work *flail*
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