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Small sales!

I've recently discovered the joys of Crescent Shop (and found a grail on a foreign eBay, thanks to vulpixlover!), so I think I need to let go of some parts of my collection in order to make space and pay for impending fees. XD Please take a look! If you don't like my prices you're welcome to make an offer :)

Shipping - Flat items can be shipped in a normal envelope for $1. Figures or small plush will be $2 if they'll fit in the padded envelopes I have, or around $4ish for a small box. Let me know if you're outside the US so I can figure up postage for you!

May accept trades for Vulpix items :3

Lying down Treecko plush! He's adorable and very soft, in perfect condition. Asking $6 or best offer. (He'll probably need a small box or bigger envelope to be shipped in.)

Mew keychain $3, Mew Pokeball plush $4

Mankey, Togepi, Golem $1, clear Raticate 1.50

Pikachu top is $2, Ledyba and Marill $1 due to small paint rubs/scuffs. N64 keychains $3 each (new in package). Charmander $1, Jigglypuff keychain $2.

Action Flipz!  .. or whatever they're called. $1 each.

1st gen stickers, $.50 each or one free with any purchase.

First two have holo borders, the rest are holo all over. Stickers and Gardevoir coin are $.50.

Non-Pokemon: Everything in this picture is open for offers, as well as Flamedramon and Hawkmon here (Digimon figures). Also, I have Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 for GameCube and Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution for Wii for sale. Both play great and are in great condition w/case, but only Revolution comes with manual. $8 each or both for $15, pictures upon request.

And finally, I have the following lots on the way. ('On the way' as in Crescent hasn't updated to make me pay for them yet XD) Obviously I'll be keeping the Vulpixes, but pretty much everything else will be up for grabs. See anything you like? :o

The paper in the first picture is a big poster with lots of Kids on it, I think. Lumpy Mew under Bellossom and weird frog Bulbasaur amuse me :> Also ridiculously cute Clefairy and other pink things.

.. um. That's it! Thank you~
Tags: mew, plush, sales, treecko

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