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Question and New Friends

Who do I contact about selling? I have several things I'd like to sell/trade before college starts back up if I can ^^;

Anyways, I was at Wal-mart a bit ago and they had new Tamagotchis and on the package, there was a very suspicious Tamagotchi...

skyminanyone.jpg picture by Twilmer

Maybe it was just me, but that looks suspiciously like a Skymin XD

I got my things in the mail from Irene today (or rather my mom conviently remembered I had a pack) and they're so awesome!!!! I'll post more when my camera bettery is charged and rave about them then X3 *glomps Irene many times*

Does anyone know if they ever made any Mawile plushies? I was looking for one and couldn't find any :/ maybe I'll just have to make one XD

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