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I Come Bearing Rare Beckett Posters for sale!!

I recently dug through my desk drawers and found my collection of Beckett Pokemon posters. They are quite rare and it was VERY hard picking which I wanted to part with. There are some I picked to save that I might put up for sale if I change my mind. ;) One of the posters will be up for auction because letting it go is really hard! ;_; It's a Team Rocket poster that kicks so much ass! But I already picked a really cool TR poster to keep, so... ;_;

Details under the cut! Get them while you can! ^_^

All posters are in mint condition! They have been in my desk drawer for years and haven't been touched that much. They will be shipped in a large bubble envelope.

Shipping within the US will be $2! International buyers, let me know where you live and I will calculate accordingly.

First up is the auction poster! Good luck!

AUC: $5
BIN: $20

Please bid in increments of $1! Please take good care of it whomever the winning bidder/buyer is! ;__; It's so hard letting it go...

Next are the assortment of posters for sale! All are $5 each!

Pokemon club house!

legendary birds ready to attack a dove for some reason. ^^;;

Pokemon having a good time and Togepi loses it's shell, which hits Meowth. ^^;

Cool skateboarding Mew! Very well drawn.

Cool rollerblading Charizard! =P

Adorable Halloween poster! :3 Haunter looks so awesome!

Various Pokemon in the wild. Really cute!

Pissed off Marill. XD


Pokemon/Kenshin poster! This is when Beckett decided to stop doing Pokemon exclusively.

Yet another that advertises Beckett is doing more than just Pokemon

This one isn't by Beckett. It's a poster advertising the Legenday Collection. :) It came out of a Wizard magazine.

Thanks for looking guys! Hope you find something you like. ^_^ These poster are precious to me, so treat them like gems if you buy them. :3 Thank you!

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