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Oohoo, Poke-Gets!

On my trip to Disney World, my friend and I stayed a mere five minute walk from Epcot... Which meant, COUNTRIES! As we all know, and if you don't, it's odd you're here, Pokemon's popular in Japan. So what was at the Japan giftshop... Complex?
POKEDOLLS! At a price of under $12 each, I HAD to scoop some up. I got a Riolu, Glameow, and... Jolteon! I'll post full collection pictures after Otakon, mainly because my collection'll probably grow. (Here's to hoping I spot that Arcanine plush!)
Just posting to let Lineaalba , Gin, and (G
oodness, I forgot your username. The Misty figure, corocoro, and eevee keychain came fine, thank you!) know that their packages came safe and sound!
My skymin are sitting triumphantly with their furrowed brows atop my mighty meowth, and Giggle the Giratina is their left-hand-beast. Misty's peace-signing her way to my TFG assortment, and Eevee may find her way to my keys. Thanks for the stuff everyone!
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