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Pokédoll collection~

I haven't really posted any collection pics yet, and I totally want to, I've just been lazy about getting them all together for a photo session. 8D But I have pictures of my Pokédolls, which really are my favorites anyway~

I got a couple new ones, so I thought I'd share!

My two newcomers!

Ho-oh arrived a couple of weeks ago, but Jolteon was a gift from my boyfriend just this past weekend. He and I bought Lapras (below) and Jolteon at Nintendo World in New York when we visited, but with my recent collecting and his realization that Jolteon hadn't left its bag in half a year (the one we brought it HOME in, ahaha), he presented it to an excitedly spazzing me.

The whole gang. <3 Butterfree was a lucky find on eBay~

Two more on the way! These things are going to put me in the poorhouse. But that's okay cause they're too adorable. Actually I'm already poor so I've made a promise to myself not to overspend, so as a result my fimo commissions have been funding this collection.

Also, I know Pokédolls go fast in this community, but the Magikarp doll has pretty much become my grail <3 if anyone has one..? Skitty is a close second, hehe.

Next post will have sculptures! For yaoi_queen and firebrand164
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