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Lots of gets + remark


I'm already tired before starting to write lol
But come on !
Let's see in more detail what we have \o/

¤ from gengareric
I usually only collect Japanese goods, but I have some Topps cards of Mewtwo and also intend to get the Mew one so I made a new exception with this card.

¤ from Link Elfe and Nactios
Some Shiny stuff I bought at the Japan Expo which took place in Paris in early July.

¤ from AmiAmi
The kind of Pokémon that I prefer as figure rather than plush (even if I bought his Pokédoll from Gin lol, but Pokédoll are Pokedoll ^^)
So it will remain as "extreme speed" which is the form I prefer.

I bought it for Mewtwo, Pikachu, Zoroark (really nice made), Swellow (beautiful) and Butterfree (cute).
Finally I keep a copy of each except Mow Rotom.

I bought it for Sylveon (new one, so cute), Red Genesect (shiny ^^), Pikachu, Kirlia (not fan of her but I love the way her figure has been done), Gible.
I finally keep a copy of each except Extrem Speed Genesect.
Ninetales is more beautiful than what I expected. That's why it's always good to open boxes ^^

¤ from ShirtPunch
The brand is the same as Yetee-shirts I received. But printing is heavier and stiffer. I don't know if this is due to the larger size or if the printing method is different between sites, but then that is the bad point I noticed. Otherwise that Flashpoke is cool ^ ^

¤ from sunyshore
So cute !!!!!! <3
At first I decided to buy it because of the soaring price of the previous one (so as not to regret once the price would be less affordable).
I was not sure to like the fur. But yes I do :3 A must have even for a non Eevee collector o/

¤ from Animeraro
Therian Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus (which are the forms I prefer).


¤ from Noppin
I wish I had the Shadow Lugia Pokédoll ^^

I didn't think keeping Axew but in the end the plush is rather cute. So it's a nice set even if they are smaller than expected.

They are so cute <3 I love their big faces ^^
It's weird, Eevee base is pink whereas the Ichiban Kuji Eevee's one is white.
Moreover unlike the Ichiban Kuji they are independant from their bases

What a great idea I had to take a group picture lol I would have to think about it more often... Anyway those Pokédoll figures are too cute :3 (and all independant from their bases except Torchic)
Besides I won the current ones and just miss the Eevee line.

Set 2
Litwick is the only one among those I haven't opened yet that I am hesitant to keep

Set 3
For now I do not think keeping Darkrai, that's why it is unopened.

At first I wanted to buy those sets only for Shiny Eevee and Genesect. But gradually I was thinking I probably would keep others. In the end I keep the ones I thought. And they are prettier than expected. Only Litwick will probably make me change my mind. But it has a little red dot so I wait to receive my second set 2. Cause yes I bought a second set 2 lol I actually paid dearly my set 2 and therefore seeing a cheaper set 2 on Noppin I bought it, thinking that resale (notably Shiny Eevee) will decrease a little the amount of my set 2.

But then all of that will be when I can sell. And I now come to my remark.

I noticed that many sellers do not leave feedbacks. In itself it does not prevent from buying but it is essential to get sales permissions. So it would be nice that sellers leave more often feedbacks, especially as they were in a time buyers wishing to sell and get their sales permissions ^^
So nothing too serious, especially that after I still need to decide myself to sell lol However the calculation of shipping slows me a little (it's been over a year I say I'm going to sale on ebay and it's still not done xD)

(I had several answers and tracks so I think the remark is no longer useful)

Finally finished. Houra !!!
Thank you for reading and have a good day / evening all o/

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