RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection post

Hello Pkmn collectors! ^-^.

Between yesterday and today I´ve got four packages, two of them from this community. So I´ll post the pictures! .

Later I´ll show you an aberration I´ve sawn on eBay, victim´s Shaymin T_T.

Jakk's Shinx from eBay! 8D

Lugia Kid from my boyfriend.

Lucario and Mew kids from waradromance!, thank you so much!.

And, May&Torchic's keychain from lineaalba.

I can´t describe what I´m thinking, I love May and I love the keychain, thank you very much lineaalba!!!!.


Now I´ll show you this.

I was terrified when I saw the plush(I found it in eBay, from Ectransfer), what kind of torture is that? the poor Shaymin is horrible!

Poor, poor Shaymin....
Tags: collection, lucario, lugia, mew, plush, shaymin, shinx, torchic
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