xxLatiosxx (xxlatiosxx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

couple of questions + collecting

Hi there!

This is probably a boring post -le gasp- no picture T.T but my next post there will be ^-^

Just to get things clear...theres the wonderful Tomy Glaceon and Leafeon plush dolls out in October and I would love to pre-order when the time comes, but thats the problem when the post comes asking about pre-orders what do I do? Do I just post saying I'd love to pre-order or do I have to click something and also do I give the full amount or half the amount of money it costs on the day of preorder? I would really appreciate it if someone told me, thanks in advance!
(I was talking about how Sunyshore might get them plushies if you didn't know ^^;)

I'm also starting a collection with the Treeko line, more really because of Grovyle which has nothing to do with PMD2 xD! Can you guys show me anything thats out there? I know about the kids, and plush but is there anything else? Thanks!

I'm starting a Munchlax/ Snorlax collection too, they are SO cute and also this has nothing to do with PMD2 also.

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