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Collection Update and Photo Story

First off, Fernchu, I have finally mailed off your package, and it should be there in a week or so. Sorry if it's a bit squished - that Shroomish really knows how to take up space.

And again, VERY SORRY yaoi_queen, currently working on your commish. Just hoping my scanner will get a good scan when the timec omes - it's been really tempermental as of late. >>

So I got some stuff from Otakuthon, met sapphireluna there (^-^) and received a long-awaited package from warandromance! The cut includes my first ever photo story (save that photo essay I had to do for school once). So without further ado, here is a picture heavy cut!

I happened to spy this morning's mail on the kitchen counter, including two letters from my brother at summercamp, bills for my dad and...huh? A package? But I always have people send packages to my friend Sam due to overprotective parents! What is it? o_O

Oh, hey, I'll bet it's that stuff from warandromance from the group auction! Hm, well then, better get some ambassadors to welcome the new arrivals!

This is a Dramatization.

Mew: Yay, new friends! ^.^
Mewtwo: I care little for these affairs. :/
Scyther: It seems that soon enough, there will be an entire swarm of Scyther. Hm, perhaps I should consider raising an army...
Charizard: Wait, Psychic doesn't even like Charizard that much. Why'd she buy a new one? o.o

Mew: Ohhhhh, how exciting! ^-----^
Scyther: ...right...
Mewtwo: Let us get this over with.
Charizard: Bored. *yawns*
Scyther: How're we gonna get that thing open?
Mewtwo: I'd volunteer using my psychic powers, but it's more amusing to watch others struggle.
Mew: Zomg, I shall do it!
All: *doubtful*

Mew: All shall tremble at my strength!
Scyther: o_o Wow. Strong little bugger.
Psychic: Wait a second! I didn't order a Charizard Tomy!
Mewtwo: Do you wish for me to mindcrush a puny human?
Psychic: Er...that's...okay, thanks.
Scyther: Well, drag em out, them!

Psychic: Wha? TWO CHARIZARD?!
Charizard: BROTHERS!
Mew: Awwww, look at the cute widdle Mew in there! ^_^
Mewtwo: I shall go be emo off to the side.
Bag'd Pokémon: New life forms! Oh please let us out, we're sooo bored!
Psychic: o_o Wait, is that the zukan Charizard?

Mewtwo: I am too cool for all of you.
Charizard: Hellooooooo in there!
Tomy Charizard: Hello yourself!
Zukan Charizard: Don't call me your "brother"! I'm a female, for your information! >_>
Bag'd Scyther: As am I.
Scyther: :O!
Bag'd Mewtwo: Now please let us out.
Tiny Mew: Yes please! It's so stuffy in here. ;;
Mew: Right-o!

Charizard: Hahaha, awesome! I am no longer alone!
Tomy: Ah, how good it is to see another male.
Zukan: What, am I not good enough for you, you stupid oaf?!
Charizard: Ohhhhhkay now. *pushes apart* Let's not get into this.
Tomy: *snorts* Indeed not - I'd just tear through her life butter if it came down to a real fight!
Scyther: Hrmph, what a bunch of idiots. *wanders off*

Scyther: Greetings. (:3)
New Scyther: Ah, it's good to get out of there.
Scyther: I can understand.
New Sctyehr: Mm-hm... *after a moment* So, do you have a name?
Scyther: A name? Oh, so we can be told apart, I suppose. Well, erm, I was once called Bladewing, so I suppose that would do. And you, miss?
New Scyther: You may refer to me as Asten.
Bladewing: All right, thank you, Asten. I erm, look forward to having you around. ^^;

Mewtwo: ...Well then.
New Mewtwo: ...indeed.
Mewtwo: Care to do meditate over the answer to life, the universe and everything?
New Mewtwo: It is as if you read my mind. *smirks*

A problem arises...
Psychic: Oh, um, sorry you two. I only have one stand right now...^^;
Bladewing: Oh...
Asten: Oh dear. I am sorry, Bladewing, I do not mean to rob you of your perch. You have been here the longest, you should take it.
Bladewing: No! Er, that wouldn't be fair to you.
Asten: Please, I do not mean to intrude-
Bladewing: You're not intruding!
Asten: But I do insist...

But a solution is found!
Asten: Thank you so much for allowing me to use your stand, Bladewing. You are quite the gentleman.
Bladewing: Hey, no problem! We should always make newcomers feel welcome. ^^
Asten: Ah, well I quite appreciate it!
Bladewing: Think nothing of it. ^^ (Eh, no problem anyway - I've got quite a nice view from down here...)
Psychic: BLADEWING, you peeping tom!
Asten: WHAT?
Bladewing: Nothing, nothing! *glares at Psychic until she shakes her head and walks off*

Group shot! ^^
Tiny Mew: I'M SO CUTE! X3
Asten: Sorry, gotta lean on you for support. >.<
Tomy: Eh, no problem. (Darn those females...)
Zukan: I sense disturbing thoughts...stupid males. :/

Yay for photostories! Hope all the dialogue didn't bog you down. XD

Anyway, the 26/27th was Otakuthon. Had an awesome time there, saw some cool cosplays of humans from the fandom (Professor Oak, Team Magma Grunt to name a few) and oddly enough, the only people cosplaying Pokémon were either evolutions of Eevee or Pikachu! Two Umbreon (one of which was me), my friend was a Vaporeon, one Flareon, two Pikachu and a Pichu. I also co-hosted the Pokémon panel, and met up with sapphiraluna (at said panel), which was muchos fun. :3

And then of course there was merch to be had!
Otakuthon Merch
A member of the general pokémon LJ comm made the Zangoose keychain (she only made a couple different Pokémon, and luckily Zangoose is one of my favourite Pokémon). There were a couple bins of Pokémon stuff, but the majority of it was bootleg crap. I am 95% sure Scyther and Arcanine are booties (they're hollow, but the holes at the bottom are tiny round ones), and I'm not sure about the Dittochu. Aero was one of the few I'm pretty sure are actual kids, and I literally jumped on it, and another bin was full of the same six/seven Pokémon which were apparently toys from lollipops some time ago.

Scyther Collection
Considering how little Scyther stuff there is, I'm quite proud of what I got. Again, pretty sure the one on the far left is bootleg, but meh, a Scyther's a Scyther. ^^;
The leftmost card is actually my FIRST SCYTHER TCG CARD EVER, and one of the Pokémon fans at the con traded it with me cuz she got a booster pack with one in it.

The Tomy and both zukan are from the con (gah, so detailed and beautiful! Must say I like Asten's paintjob more, though), the stadium figure was a birthday present from my Australian friend Kelly, and the non-TCG cards I've had for aaaaaages.

Yayz for mega-updates. ^^

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