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Collection weeding sales!

Hi guys, today I did some collection weeding and so here are some sales! Included are rare plush, rare TFG, a badge set, plus more! Some are up for offers, others straight sale.


Sale Policies:

* Sales permission granted by intrepid_wings in 2009 *
I ship from the United States. I do take international orders but understand that they may take 2-3 weeks to ship due to my schedule.
I prefer Pay Pal for payments. Payment should be made out to When paying, please put your username in the memo along with what you're buying. Not doing so can delay your package.
Payment must be sent within 24 hours or I will leave negative feedback. Sorry, but this rule has become necessary :(. I do occasionally hold items if more time is needed, just ask :).
Ani564MSI don't accept trades unless you have Kingdra/Dragonite/Wartortle settei or animation cels. Haggling is OK.
Ani565MSIf you buy something, please leave feedback here:
Ani647MSPrices do NOT include shipping. Please comment with your zip code so I can figure out the shipping charge. Shipping starts at $2.50 for most U.S. orders and $7 for international orders. Shipping might be cheaper for certain flats.
My house is pet-friendly! Keep that in mind if you have serious allergies to dogs or cats. All merchandise is kept away from the animals, however.

First up, here's what I have for offers:

This is the 2012 Halloween Pikachu, which sold out fast! As the pictures show, Pikachu has a costume that can be put on :). It's a super cute plush, I wouldn't sell it if I didn't need the money for a move! Offers start at $40.

Tomy lying down "Nuigurumi" Eevee plush. This plush is pretty rare and I haven't seen many for sale. Mine is mint with tags :). Offers start at $50. I do accept payment plans.

Rare TFG! These are mint but a bit dusty, I'm carefully trying to clean them. Mareep is a difficult one to find, especially intact. Clear Groudon and Latios are also quite rare...Latios was only released in small quantities, the set was never technically released.

Note: TFGs are notoriously fragile. I'll do my best when packaging them (they did make it through a recent move OK!) but I cannot guarantee anything and am not responsible for breaks.

Offers start at $10 each.

MIB Pokemon 2000 badge set. These badges are awesome and detailed :). Has been taken care of and kept on display. Offers start at $20.

Now for straight sales!

Tomy Eevee. Very cute plush and well made, it's been my computer buddy :). I'm asking for $20 OBO.

Weird Lapras plush. It's in good shape but who knows what it's it a bootleg of the Tomy plush or something else? I don't know, I'm not a Lapras collector XD;. Asking $10 OBO.

Mint with tags MPC plush! $12 each OBO :).

Keldeo Banpresto UFO catchers, mint with tags. Asking $15 for BOTH. Will not separate!

Pokemon DS bag. Asking $10.

Kid figures!

Clear Eevee- $2
Sparkly movie kids (Celebi and Regis)- $2 each
Glow in the dark Minun- $1

Mint Hoenn attack kids- $1 each

Mint Hoenn attack kids- $2 each

MIB Giratina kid- $3
Chansey teacup- $6

Anything bought here can be combined with stuff from
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