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 First off, my sales page has been updated with a LOT of new stuff and I reduced a ton of the older prices. So go take a look:

Secondly...Collection pimping time.

12.jpg picture by Twilmer

The stuff form Irene is just awesome! She even included Italian cards and a little coloring fold out with the starters and a Darkrai thank you card ;3; I should be the one thanking you! I'm in love with the Torterra Chou Getto! It's just amazing! Same with Happiny, who is just adorable here X3 and the Weezing Magnet is going on my fridge when I go back to college XD I like Weezing and Koffing <3

Now onto some stuff I find while cleaning my room XD

1.jpg picture by Twilmer

Yes...I STILL have my tickets from going to see the third Pokemon movie. Movie 3 and 10 have to be my absolute favorites <3 6 comes close though, very close. One is mine and the other is my mom's X3 Squirtle and Jigglypuff lapel pins from Hot Topic, which is where I get my Pokemon clothing :3 Same with the pikachu keychain, which is so awesome! I made the shinx keychain meself. A Charmander watch I got from Cato when I was a wee one, Butterfree Asprin case, Koffing rubber thing which I love, Pikachu lunchables magnet, Flipz thing from the third movie, and a Charizard V-trainer thing. I'd be willing to trade that Charizard for something. He's chibi-ish X3

That ends my randomness. Does anyone know if there is any Mawile merchandise out there? I can only seem to find cards on ebay. I'm currently making a Mawile plushie for meself X3 I'll have to show it off as well as all the other plush I've made sometime :3
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