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Soapy Figures+Lotto Prize Haul+Blind Box Strap Opening+Collection site+ Gets+ Mini Collection Update

I have a lot to post today! A long overdue collection update featuring some of my recent customs! I also test my luck again with the Eevee blind box straps, my first attempt at blind soapy figures, a recap of my lotto gets, a review of the Last prize lotto figure, a holy grail and a mini grail reveal and tons of gushing and ramblings. This post is VERY image heavy.

Lets start with my blind bag reveal~

I was lucky enough to come across 9 blind bag soapy figures. NINE! Surely, my odds for a Slyveon would be pretty good. :3 Lets open them up!

No wonder a lot of online websites don't sell these! Look how big they are! My newest Emolga kid for size reference. They're huge and really heavy. I put all of mine in my sink, they smelled like Strawberry and fizzed for a good 20 minutes. I had to do them one at a time due to them being so big. EEE! I'm so excited! Lets dunk the first one in!

Oooooh, shiny Genesect. Pretty cool! This one I ended up selling. Lets pop the next soapy in the sink.

Alright! A Mewtwo. He's pretty cool. I have no need for this one though.
Things are looking good. Next!

Ah, I saw this coming. I knew for a fact I'd get at least one Pika. Good thing it's only two since I don't collect 'em.

*Pokes at the next soapy ball for a good few minutes*

OooOoOh! An Eevee. :D I'm on the right track!

*Fizz Fizz Fiiiiiiiiiiizz*
Whoa! Still no Sylveon but what luck to have gotten two Eevee's. I guess I can keep one for myself now.

*Bubbly Bubb Fizz Fizz*
Oh. Okay, three Eevee's. Hmm. I guess thats cool. There's still two more soapy's left. I'm sure one of them will be Sylveon.

*Ker-Plunk! Fiiiizzy fiiiiiizz* Starts jabbing soapy ball*
O_O Okay, Eevee. It was funny the first two times but come on. I'm starting to not like you. Its cool, I still have ONE soapy left. It HAS to be Sylveon!

*Rubs soapy for luck and drops it in the drink*

Come on, come on, come on.
WHAT! EEVEE! Are you serious?! I don't...how the? WHAT!?


So yep, here are my pull results. ;3; 5 freakin' Eevee's! Really. I guess I shouldn't complain. I rather have 5 Eevee's then 5 Pikachus.
This story does have a happy ending. No I didn't pull a Sylveon here but I was lucky enough to have purchased two from SunyShore. Gin you are a saint as I decided to wake up late that night, go on the comm only to see you had them for sale. So in the end, I DO get my beautiful Sylveon but it just took a little longer. XD These guys will be up for sale in my next sales post.

Alright, so yeah. That was a total bust. I'm sure I can get a Sylveon strap in one of these blind boxes. :D Right? RIGHT?! The karma gods owe me!

I ordered 8 boxes. I've already tried once before so If there is no Sylveon there will be hell *shakes fist*

*Opens first box* POP!
Aaaaaaaaah! ;u; The first box had her! Yay! THANK YOU. Ugh!

These pull results were amazingly better than my soapys. I actually ended up getting every Vee! No repeats! *u* Yaaaaay!
*Victory dance*

I recently got a box with my lottery prizes the other day. :D

I got EVERYTHING I wanted from the promotion. :3 I have the Whimsicott/Charizard and Eevee charm on the way.

The pokedoll figures are absolutely amazing. The quality just blew me away. They all have spot on detail from the doll art. Right down to the paw pads. It's hard to choose which one I love the most! They're really sturdy and a wee bit heavy for how small they are. I really hope Sylveon will get a pokedoll figure one day. c:

Speaking of Sylveon! EEEEE! The major thing I wanted when I saw the prizes. Aaaaah! So cute! It's a good size and I love how she has her little teeth showing. The material is okay and there are a few stray threads around the lining of her mask but overall she's a really cute plush. The Eevee pokedoll makes it though. They even gave it tiny paw pads too!

~Wild compulsive buy appeared.~

Yes, I caved and got the last prize statue. The daytime variant. I wasn't going to at first but the person selling me all the other items had it at such a great price I couldn't pass up on the offer. Considering how much its going for now. I also haven't seen anyone showcase this item in a post so I'll be showing it off with tons of photos and angles. Enjoy!

The detail in this is amazing. I love when they do the pokecen styled Pikachu for statues. You know what I mean. He's just really round and smooth when they do it. I love the little berry and the grass sculpt is rather nice. Very vibrant.

I didn't even notice there was a pear on this statue. So cute. Excellent detail on Eevee's strands of fur coming out of his mane.
Lovely little flowers around the bushes and Eevee has tiny pink paw prints under his feet.
The seams of the sculpt aren't very noticeable. It's really really well made.

The only thing that threw me off was the size. Here's my Rai kid for a size comparison. I never wanted to get one of these lotto statues thinking I'd have no room for it. Seeing those Reshiram and Zekrom prizes from a few years back sealed the deal that I had NO space for any of these. Though, this figure in my opinion is a perfect size! For me, anyway. ;3 It's not too massive but not too small. I'm not even an a big of fan of Eevee and I absolutely adore this statue. If you were contemplating on getting this or have the opportunity to. DO IT! I can't wait to see someone with the Evening version.

I also got a huge Sunyshore order recently and this is what excited me. XD Fun sloth line stickers I never seen before. Such a sweet gesture. Thank you!


I've been after this gem for sooooo long. ;3; It's so great to have it with me at long last. I'm in loooooove! Finally! Ehehehe My glorious retsuden stamp! I only need one more to complete the set. Slakoth! Where are you?

Ah! Emolga soapy figure! After two years of searching. I really can't believe its been that long since it released. I thought I'd find it sooner but nope. Year long search. SO worth the wait though. It's a lot bigger than the other soap figures I got and its in nice condition. ;u; Amazing.

I also got a set of Vee's in this style. I had no idea how small they were, look at my Sylveon with my new Mewtwo pokedoll. Tiny! It's really cute though and I love some of the patterns of the Vee's. Especially the Jolteon. The Mewtwo is adorable, I'm so happy he finally has a doll! I'm a little disappointed his tail and tummy is a different type of fabric but thats just a minor detail. I had no idea he had a little mouth though! So cute!

Onto the overdue custom plush update! It was really pilling up. Lets start off with my glorious bows and ribbons.

She does not care of Big Lugia's status. She is in charge now.

LOOK! Look at this beautiful little thing. She is perfect. She is made by derpcepticon who is here on the comm. She is an AMAZING plush. I wanted a custom Sylveon plush since I saw her artwork revealed but none that looked like any styles that I knew would be released later down the line. She almost looks pokedoll style because of her big head yet her body is almost canvas style. She's a lot bigger than a pokedoll or canvas too. It looks like nothing that has been made so far officially and I absolutely love that. She is unique and one of the kind. Her ribbons have wire in them for easy posing and her face is all embroidery. She's a perfect plush and I'm glad she can sit with my newly grown Sylveon collection. <3333

Some of my newest customs together. :DDDDDD

First up, my laying Breloom plush by Cwinget <3 She seems to always help me with my Breloom needs. X3 I always wanted a laying plush of him. She didn't disappoint. It's exactly what I envisioned. He's even the exact same size as my laying Mienshao plush that xsystem has made!  Amazing how similar these two plush are from different artists. My little fighting types can lay on things together.
I needed this....really bad. Haha, Crobat is soooo pokedoll worthy. I'm shocked they haven't made an official for him yet. This one was made by Usakochan. <333 She always blows me away with how precise she follows my designs. He's perfect and has every detail a Crobat should have! Including the cutest little feeties. X3

Usakochan also made this Floatzel pokedoll. I've been dying to complete my water weasel line in pokedoll form. The floaty, the tails, the teeth! All so cute. <3 I'm addicted to Holly's work. I'm so pleased with my weasel. I'm surprised he doesn't get as many plush as his prevo. I was hoping he'd get one for the I <3 Marine line up. I guess maybe next time.

Zigzagoon line is one of my newest collections and no collection of mine is complete without a custom plush of some sort. Linoone pokedoll just had to exist! Look! LOOK! Aaaaaah! Amazing! Another Usakochan original. <3 The tail and stripes came out so well and I love the bright blue eyes embroidery. She first made his shoulder fur fluff solid but changed it to single pieces which looks way better. The bottom picture is old with the old fur fluff. The tail is like a blanket. So long and pretty. Linoone needs an official plush someday....

EEEEEE! This will hold me over until I get that elusive UFO plush. X_X  This spiky beauty is made by Cwinget! I love her work and wanted to commission her a toughy. So much layering and spikes. I'm amazed by the detail. It's really really cute. The mask and zig zag mouth are adorable and I love the little toes. The tail came out exactly how I pictured it. It's so nice to see some quality Zigzagoon plush. <3

My babies together! They work so perfectly together. Ah!

Also from Cwinget are my two teddy bear styled jointed plush! c: They are SO SO tiny. Yet so so detailed! That Sylveon, holy crap! It's little legs are posable and sits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I have a few mini plush from her and already want moooooore X3

I hope you enjoyed all my photos! I'll try my best to take proper photos of all my customs together at some point.

Lastly, I've made a huge update on my collection site. Adding a bunch of new item photos and such. Plus, I made a new tab featuring both Eeveelutions/Jolteon and of course, Sylveon! It is still under construction but feel free to browse. I've been collecting Vee's here and there but never made a collection tab for them on my site. It will only show my Vee collection as a whole since I buy things in sets rather than every item out there ever. I side collect them so I choose what I want to collect. Jolteon has earned its own tab, I'll only be collecting plush and figures for him since that's all I have the room for. As for Sylveon who has earned her own tab, I'll be hardcore collecting her for both plush and figures. She must be the most prominent pokemon on an item for me to buy anything else. So if its an item that only features her I'll probably get it. Check it out!

Another new area is my "OTHER" tab. It is a new place to showcase what I have bought, what items I plan to buy and a guide to what's coming out in the coming months that I'm on preorder for. It's a great thing to have if you want to keep track with what you purchased and who to leave feedback for. :3 It's very handy and it updates frequently.

And my want list is getting smaller and smaller by the day. It's really crazy!

All photos of these items can be found on my want page.
My last few wants:

*Namco Exclusive Sylveon Standing kid
*Sylveon Movie pan stickers
*Emolga 2013 Mcdonalds toy
*Emolga 2013 Movie pan sticker
*Emolga Movie Charm From the blind box
*711 Emolga Figure Strap 2013
*Zigzagoon spin figure
*Leafeon/Glaceon Chupas

~Holy Grails~
*Slakoth Retsuden Stamp
*Slakoth Metal Figures
I'm dying here, I really want to purchase this plush. Help!
Please go to my wanted page for more here:

More soon! Thanks for being a trooper and going through this whole post! I'll have an updated sales post with more Vee's, Genesect and more later on. :D


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