Claire (viperfox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Suddenly: Giratinas, (six) hundreds of them.

They're watching you..

I was woken up this morning by a very happy wormy on a box! The art is incredibly Gin, and thus in my morning sleepiness I squealed "SUNYSHORE!". Mum was amused.

IUHIUgsghusrg GIRATINA YES. DX Banpresto, and baby Banpresto Another and Origin. Movie kids! Giratina Styluses ! HAPPY GAY RAINBOWTINA BAG. YES.

My brianjapan package came too :D yay, 1st edition set!

My DP08 zukan package was perfectly timed, and came on the morning of my birthdaaaay. Not a shot of the whole set, but just a shot of Origin next to Another to show size. DP08 is an awesome set :)

My girababies! I have 9/10 of the released plush so far, with 6 here physically, the other 3 in the post. Every one of them have a name now, even the ones I'm waiting on or don't own yet (DX Origin ;x;~)

Tartarus (Banpresto A)
Oranus (Banpresto O)
Erebus (DX A Banpresto)
Ares (DX O Banpresto)
Morpheus (Tomy A)
Hypnos (Tomy O)
Zephyrus (Pokedoll A)
Aeolus (Pokedoll O)
Hades (Lotto A Wriststrap)
Thanatos (Lotto O)

And the best part of this weeks Pokemon haul is:

Custom. Haunter. Plush. An amazing gift from my friend Cody done for my birthday. He is so cute, and squishy, and silUhfauiehgeiurg *swoons.* I was having a hard time not bursting into tears at how sweet this was when it was delivered to me at work. *gush.*

And kids! I have about 140 odd now.

:D Also: thank you all so so much for your warm birthday wishes on the caekmin post! I'm glad you enjoyed her as much as we did (she was yummy :o)
Tags: cards, custom, dusknoir, giratina, haunter, kids, magnezone, plush, regigigas, rotom, shaymin, skymin
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