gamecubegirl (gamecubegirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SAAAAALES!!! wow original title or what XD

I've been meaning to put these here for a while so here ya go ^_^ I have below a few nicknacks that have been annoying me so I may as well plonk them here and see if anybody would give them a home =D

This cute face cloth being one of a few items I have here, so please have a look! =D

Ok, firstly, I am in the UK so shipping from there and I only accept paypal.

As there are various items here of different weight I shall work out shipping costs with each wont be much, I just want rid of a few things XD

Ash and pika face cloth! $5
Never been used, DS lite for size reference only.

3D Pikachu cd case, again never been used. $10

Pokemon Link! $15 or best offer.
Also known as Pokemon Trozei in the US..for some odd reason..anyway this is the UK version and will of course work on ANY DS system, game and booklets etc all in mint condition!

Pikachu's Global Adventure book. $30 or best offer.
DS lite again for size reference, this book tells the entire story of all of pokemons ups and downs over the years and takes a look at it's best and worst times.

I want rid of these so badly XD These are jumbo cards with 10 little cards attached on the back..except for the one with koga so hes just $0.75, $1.50 each for the other 2.

Happy browsing! -sweatdrop-

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