Bondra_Doll (xxblackwing95xx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Dusting means collection weeding SALES!!!

Eeveelution Charms Pkmn Plush Sales

~I accept Paypal only
~U.S. buyers preferred, since it is easier for me to calculate shipping. (My post office is a pain when it comes to shipping internationally.)
~Not looking for trades at this time
~You may haggle/make reasonable offers. (: Worst I can do is say no!
~First one to commit to buying gets priority
~Shipping starts at $3 for most items except for flats, and small figures, which may be a little less.
~I have cats, but they stay away from my collection for the most part.
~ I was
granted sales permission on 02/14/11 by dakajojo. ^^
~ My feedback:

Pkmn Plush Sales
Hasbro Plusle beanie: $7.50
Marill change-to-pokeball mini plush (fairly loved): SOLD
Burger King Butterfree: SOLD

Pokemon Center 2012 Christmas "PokeDaruma" snowman Torchic MWT: $38
Japanese Zoroark Pokedoll (hang tag detached, but will be included): $38
Musical Minccino plush (hang tag detached, but will be included): $20

Pkmn Plush
Jakks Change-to-Pokeball Oshawott Plush: $20
Jakks Oshawott Plush: $10
Emolga Pokedoll MWT: $21

Snivy Items
Soft "foam" Snivy keychain: $5
Snivy can badge: SOLD
Snivy dot sprite tin: SOLD

Pkmn McD's
Reshiram McDonald's figure: $5
Zorua McDonald's figure: $2
Zoroark McDonald's figure: $2
Large Bulbasaur figure (has some type of "plug" on the bottom) (Also, has a couple of scuffs): $7

Pkmn figures
Suicune Tomy: $4
Totodile figure: $3
The rest are $2.

Pkmn figure sales
All are $1
SOLD: Buizel

Eeveelution Charms
2009 Jolteon Johto Dex Charm: $18
Glaceon Round Charm: $30

Thank you for looking!
Also, if anyone has a Flareon Pokedoll figure from the recent Ichiban Kuji lottery that they're willing to sell, let me know! It's my top want at the moment, and I've missed out on FIVE so far. T-T

Tags: anorith, azurill, blastoise, buizel, butterfree, charmander, combusken, drowzee, emolga, flareon, glaceon, grovyle, jolteon, marill, minccino, moltres, mudkip, oshawott, plusle, sales, sharpedo, snivy, suicune, torchic, totodile, zoroark, zorua
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