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Collection update!

My last SMJ package, which was almost a month ago, contained two of my sought-after holy grails; one was the Swablu/Altaria zukan, which is beneath the cut, and the other is the above set of Pokemon Trainer magazine promo cards. I'm not a huge card collector, but I was overjoyed to get my hands on these regardless; the Y!Japan auction I won them in was the ONLY time I've ever seen them up for sale, and I had been looking for them for a few years! Now I can proudly say that I own all of the Quilava TCG cards (ignoring alternate holo/non holo and differing language versions).

My collection along with a couple of Meiji cards. :D I decided that I wanted to keep the magazine promo Quilava alongside Bayleef and Croconaw; all three cards are drop-dead gorgeous. Once/if I get my hands on an extra sheet of card pockets, I want to pin both sheets to the wall to display all of the cards. (I already have two Pokemon card files, so I'm hesitant to invest in a whole pack of card pocket sheets when I'll have no use for all but one. XD)

Updated collective of my Buizel & Floatzel figures! (My Buizel plush colection hasn't had any additions and is therefore not shown with these.) Floatzel kid is new, so I now have all of the Bui/Float kids figures (ignoring clears, which I usually tend to not care for). I'm hoping to get the Floatzel TOMY figure and Banpresto plush soon!

The top of my TV, including my tiny Beedrill collective. XD I'd put the legendary beast zukans on top with them, but there's no room! Instead, they're on top of a switcher on a shelf beneath my TV. ^_^ Still looking for the Raikou kid to have a complete Pokekids trio (to go with the complete zukan and rubber model trios), but the pencil topper makes for a nice stand-in. ^^ I also tend to display my Buizel TOMY here since it's probably my favorite TOMY figure to date (though I'm also not a big collector of TOMYs ^^;).

Aaand now for the birds~

New Wingull & Pelipper stuff! *_* Up until I got my last package, the only thing I had of the two was a Wingull kid and the Wingull bell plush I made (not shown)... well, not any more! :D Still looking forward to possibly getting the zukan from pheonixxfoxx's big zukan lot.

Swablu & Altaria zukaaaaan! ♥ I just have to wait for Farfetch'd before I'll have all of the Normal/Flying types in zukan form~

Starlingpile~ The plushies literally take up over half a shelf. XD Not shown are my shiny Staravia & Staraptor pokekids (which will be joined by my spare Starly kid getting painted) both of my DX Staraptor plush (one is on my bed, the other on my wall), and one of my Jakks Starly plush. (I have four of them!) Skymin pokekid is hanging out with them at the moment since I plan to clear off the other half of the shelf to facilitate my Skymins (which will be the focus of a future collection post!) But for now...

10th Anniversary Lugia zukaaaaan! *__* I'm AMAZED that this guy is merely at 1/80 scale!

I also pulled this adorable sticker from my last taste of Pokepan:

Camera glare ruins it, though it's definitely the most adorable Shaymin sticker in my opinion. ♥ Thanks to Gin, I'll soon be getting a SKYMIN pan sticker as well! :D

Also~ I've sent out packages to denkimouse, caterpie, taycs, pixel_bee, and penanna~ Please let me know when you get them. :D I'm currently waiting for payment from kasaii- I tried leaving a message for you, but please let me know if you're still interested in the Growlithe kid!
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