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Why can't I hold all these grails? + Mini sales

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Hello comm! ^^

Like I said a days ago I had to make a GET POST and it's here. I was REALLY lucky these days so I've got some awesome stuff that I looked like a dream for me but, I'm going to stop talking and I'm showing them to you :)

I'm going to start with some random gets (some of them, I have too many kids to show you all of them XD). They come from eBay, Yahoo!Japan, GAs and some nice sellers! Thanks ^^


Kids, Ninetales Tomy, FCS, Swellow bottle cap, Vulpix mini stamper... I really like the design of these (a bit dissapointed with Houndour to tell the true...). Wartortle has some really awesome figures >.< I want the other kid too (the attack I think). The new Growlithe is way better than the oldie and I'm going to get the attack kid soon too ^^ Empoleon is my first clear kid! I didn't know it was clear until I saw it on my window, it's really nice. Also Luxio kid is really cool, I need the Shinx attack too to complete them :O And Ninetales! The Tomy arrived with a lot and I bought the new version (not the one of this year...) of the kid with the tails painted <3 Much better!

I think I didn't showed these... Politoed zukan <33333 I bought it on the comm and then arrived a random Politoed on a lot from Japan so they are together ^^ Also the Raikou and Cyndaquil zukans <3 I love them very much (btw, I'm selling a Raikou zukan like this one on my sales post). Typhlosion has the peg broken but I tried to glue it and... well... it works... ^^' One day I guess I'll buy a peg or a zukan base or something u.u' And Raikou is much better I though he would be <3


Poliwag Friends I bought to poliwhirl and Blitzle and Krookodile Waza Museum I got on Rakuten. They were REALLY cheap and look SO nice *¬* However, the box of Krookodile arrived broken and when I saw it, I was really worried for the figure but it's perfect so I don't have any problem with that ^^ The Waza is AWESOME I love all the details even on the sand :O


And now it's the time... IT'S GRAIL TIME! *¬*


I NEVER though I would be able to get a Luxray UFO or Vulpix Canvas. NO WAY. I mean they are TOO EXPENSIVE. And... Now I got them... Really cheap... ;A;___________

Both of the plushies came from GA. Luxray arrived with the one I made with dragonrider49 (THANKS FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS ;A;) and, jeez, we had lots of problems with the GA but we got the lot and now I have this beauty on my room. It's BETTER on the real life and I love the tail xD

And Vulpix arrived with the GA that xxlatiosxx and lucario  made (I love you ;_;)... I wasn't on home when the GA ended and I remember I was with the mobile phone of my boyfriend watching the last minutes... I was really horrible because I saw a bid on the last minute and I though I has lost it. Moreover the internet on the mobile phone didn't worked!!! D: I won only for a few seconds... but it was really horrible... BUT with discounts I paid something like 8$ for him!!!!!!

Finally, the POOCHYENA ZUKAN!!!!! I trade a flareon clear attack kid for this boy, almost all the price so it was really cheap to get it! I really thought it would be bigger :/ I mean I though at least Mightyena would be bigger but oh boy, it's SO CUTE that I don't care. I'm in love with Poochyena. I can't. It's one of my favorite pokemon with Ninetales and Politoed. *¬*


I know there are lots of gets with Vulpix Canvas BUT I MUST show you his SMILE. It's tiny but perfect. Only for that, it's worthy. So many details, so soft, so cute...


Vulpix is living on the egg with Chibi Vulpix, poor little boy, he has lost his house... or they are sharing it!
My little lion king...
Poochyena time! Poochyena is my main collection. It's the bigger that I have and I'm finishing it! I have also the UFO plush. OF COURSE. And now I only need the Poochyena Pokeball Keychain, the TOMY, the HASBRO PLUSH, the Poochyena bean and the Poochyena charm to be happy with them (I'm interested also on Mightyena but it's not so important to me...).

The last time I didn't have too many figures. And I'm going to get the Hasbro figure too. Well I have now the Poochyena Strap, tiny and really cute (look at him!), the pokedex figure and the other kid.

You can see more pictures of the zukan:

But that's not everything! Like we won the last GA I made, I'm going to get Politoed UFO PLUSH! Another GRAIL! I'm so glad of everything... I mean, I arrived to this community on October? I'm getting everything I wanted in less of a year and now I know lots of things about this merchandising... Thanks to this community <3

Finally, a question about the comm. If I want to make a GA but I posted already on the same day, should I wait until the next day? Because on the last GA  I made I thought it... I guessed it wasn't any problem becaus it's to make a GA but you know... maybe it's not okay...

BTW! I'm selling this Eevee Kyun Chara so if someone is interested, let me know! It's 20$ OBO. It's MWB (mint with box) so I didn't opened it! The picture it's not mine but you can see it better like this. I also have some TOMYs figures and another random ones, you can see them on the photo ( I already sold some of them), I would be asking like 3$ each one. EDITED: I change the photo with the sold ones, Pidgeot was also sold (mistake! >.<) and I'm not sure right now about Gengar D: . The one on the side of pikachu is Heracross (TOMY I think) and Rattata is a kid... I THINK...

And like always, you can see on my sales post if you are interested on anything more:

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