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Wall of Shame

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PKMNCollectors Wall of Shame
The point of the game is not to appear on this page in any form whatsoever.

LAST UPDATED: MAY 16, 2018 by skdarkdragon. Added sales permission ban for absol.
Original Wall of Shame (VOID).

This is our official Wall of Shame. This post's purpose is to warn people of who has been banned from our community. It gives details of what kind of ban a person is under and why they were banned.

Members banned from selling and buying are automatically added and easy to check up on (see below), but if you think someone is missing from our Permanent Bans or Wanted list, please leave a comment or contact a moderator.

Partially banned members have restrictions placed on their community activities, but are not completely banned from the community.

Feedback Wall of Shame

A partial ban is feedback related and goes into effect when a member has received too many negatives. Members who receive 3+ negatives will be automatically added to the Feedback Wall of Shame. They will also have a notice added to their personal feedback page about their Wall of Shame status. This indicates:

►That the member's sales permission is automatically revoked.
►Sellers will usually refuse to do any business with the member.
►Whether the negative was as a buyer or a seller, these status changes go into effect.
►The member can only regain their good standing if they are able to solve the problem and convince the member/s who left the negatives to revoke them.
►A partially banned member who attempts to participate in any of the activities enabled by sales permission and/or trades will risk suffering a Permanent ban from the community.

If your name appears on the Feedback Wall of Shame, you will not receive a special notice from a moderator first as this is an automatic function that does not require a moderator's intervention. You are able to comment back and forth with the member who left your feedback to attempt to resolve it and have it changed to neutral (feedback that was negative should never then be changed to positive). Only contact a moderator if you feel the negative feedback was left by mistake, or too trivial to deserve the "negative" label.

Other Partial Bans

This is a list of users who are under partial ban status not based solely on negative feedbacks. They are under all of the community restrictions seen above, but they may not be found on the Feedback Wall of Shame, as other circumstances and restrictions may also apply to their partial ban.
          absol has had sales permission revoked and cannot sell or advertise the sale of any items in the community.
starrypurrloin is banned from selling or advertising the sale of custom items.

doryphish333 is banned from hosting GAs due to anti-community behavior that is not in line with our GA hosting standards.

prnzs pick-up and sales permission has been revoked for not only creating drama between a member of the community but also using very shady business practices during pick-ups, including scamming members for her own personal profit and overcharging certain members specifically.

pakajunatufty has lost sales permission for disappearing while hosting a large GA and ignoring all mod and participant attempts at contact, requiring members to Paypal dispute to get their money returned.

yueyen has lost sales permission after a disastrous mess of a sales post and auction that was/is ongoing for months.

goombalord/zainzain77/pokepalooza/missditto/greenyoshi786 (all same person): This person's IP address is, and they continue to make new names to get around negatives and a bad reputation left by their behavior on their original one. Please be on the lookout for this IP address and report it immediately if spotted on yet another new username.

jaimonster: Continuous failure to ship items and complete custom items within any reasonable time limits, and deliberately and admittedly lying to members to attempt to cover up the delays.



pkmnvet - Partial banned for attacking GA hosts and causing unnecessary drama.

gundamshenlong - Sales permission has been revoked for multiple negative feedback.

glacidea - Sales permission has been revoked for taking months to complete and ship customs. Please be aware if you do business with her offsite (DA, Facebook, Tumblr) that the time it'll take to finish your custom could be months. Commission at your own risk.

normandyai (IP has been partially banned for sharing community locked posts with known banned users. This included adding up totals for Group Auctions, and providing information regarding them. Remember that community locked posts are locked for a reason.

caddieneko - Sales permission has been revoked. If you have not received your items or a tracking number from her please at this time open a paypal dispute.

This is a list of members who have not yet been physically banned from posting, only because we need them to come back and explain themselves to us -- as the people on this list ceased contact and/or vanished with merchandise and money that belong to our members (due to various unknown circumstances that may or may not be innocent).

If you are on this list: Please contact a moderator immediately to work with us to resolve your situation. You will not be insulted, screamed at or publically stoned. We just want to help members get their owed goods and/or money and for you all to be able to put it behind you.

Whether for swindling, lying, causing drama, acting rudely, or being downright utterly ridiculous in their own way, these folks have been sent packing, for good.

           starrypurrloin and kipwott have been banned for sharing an account (original name of "partywooper," but there have been several name changes), harrassing the moderation team for over a year regarding their partial sales ban, and attempting to banhop by wanting to "transfer their sales permission" to a new account in order to get around their partial sales ban. Two people cannot share an account, and you cannot create a new account in order to get around the mistakes you have made. The amount of time the moderation team has spent responding to this user(s) regarding their partial sales ban is also staggering and absurd. They are both permanently banned.

          chikorita_152/altair_420/majora1990 has been banned due to rude and derogatory language and behavior toward another member. This is after a history of rude and childish behavior toward members and moderators.

eternalshaymin has been banned for repeatedly breaking the posting rules, taking payment for claims before the items were in-hand, ignoring moderator comments to fix this issue, posting a drama-inducing entry about how they were leaving the community due to the moderation team, and then taking up an attitude with a moderator when they were requested to respond to the claims issue. The moderation team had received 9 reports within a month and a half regarding this user.

aceattorneygirl has been banned for repeated instances of attacking the community, moderation staff, and other members on public social media, as well as abusing the RAP system to provoke the mod team. You can say whatever you want on social media accounts, but if you leave it public and use it to write derogatory things about our staff and members, you lose the right to be a member of the community, which is a safe haven for all collectors regardless of our differences. Screenshots: Calling out a certain member (and leaving their name uncensored in the original tweets, we censored them here) on multiple occasions. Trashing specific moderators, and the mod team in general. Posting a photo of a figure with a suggestive gesture on the community and then submitting a RAP about her own entry to incite a reaction. (Twitter status 1, Twitter status 2, anonymous RAP) General ranting about rules. This is not all that she has posted, just a sampling.
haybuddyy / slowpoketales / bennythechi (IP // // has been banned for repeatedly breaking the same rules (backing out of sales, not understanding item priority rules, etc.), trying to evade her sales ban, and sharing members-locked community information with a known scammer. As well as banhopping. Anyone assisting haybuddyy and found out in the near future will also find themselves on this list. Located in Macon GA. If you do any transactions with a user located in Macon GA, please let a moderator know as soon as possible. This is to ensure they aren't banhopping again.

aut1996 / tashafougere / shinyvaporeonn (IP // // // ) is banned due to continuous failure to pay hundreds of dollars worth of owed payments. (March 6th) They have been found banhopping on another account. If you notice a member commenting with an IP of 184.148 please let a moderator know as soon as possible.

pokabubu was previously banned for being untrustworthy, suspicious, starting arguments and causing drama, not following rules, and taking advantage of community members. She was let back into the community under a promise of good behavior and as only a member, not a seller.  Her off-site Pokemon merchandise store, PokedollUSA, ripped off customers for several months and pokabubu opted to keep customers' money, not reply to their inquiries, and was also caught deleting negative comments left about the situation.

She is now permanently banned from the community and members are not allowed to reccomend any of her off-site sales.

queen_lugia has been banned for sending an abusive and bullying PM to another member (reference:

emii234 (IP is banned for being caught in act of scamming many members in various ways. She has admitted to such things as lying, selling the same single item to multiple people, and in her words: "I did have every intention of sending your item out but spent the money before I have paid for postage thinking I would get more in a few days. That didn't happen and as time passed I couldn't be bothered posting it thinking it didn't matter." Her husband's account is andyingham, be wary.

vapore0n/kyogree/oreyo: Is banned due to harassing sellers to give them unwarranted discounts despite multiple mod warnings, and attempting to delete/screen comments to get out of commitments, and being unable to understand what the problem was in the first place. Often harassed sellers through PM to avoid being seen by a moderator. This temp ban is in place to save sellers' sanity until we feel she has matured enough to follow rules and sales guidelines and respect sellers.

UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE. Anyone dealing with vapore0n/kyogree/oreyo please halt all transactions whether through PM, comment, or email. Cancel all transactions, refund all money, and cease further contact. Even if harassed or begged, do not send them messages or replies.

Because this is an extremely distressing and personal situation surrounding this member, please do not take what I say lightly, or as a joke, or send me messages asking what to do. Just cancel and refund all transactions.

This is not a punishment, it is to help this member, and I am acting on the advice of health officials. She must be cut off from this place for her own good and I need everyone's cooperation. Thank you.

donny9: Is banned, after first having had sales, group auction/group buy and pickup permission revoked after failing to adhere to group buy rules (taking a personal profit per item), failing to follow pickup rules (taking payment over a month in advance), abusive behaviour towards another member, and using misleading tactics and language to confuse members about scarcity of items/randomly added extra shipping costs. We recommend you do not purchase from this seller elsewhere on the internet either.

pokepalace has unfortunately been discovered to have been a previously banned member banhopping. Any sellers who have had the displeasure of dealing with Pokepalace's habits will recognize they did not change at all from the previous behaviour which got them banned as annaeel. The previous banning statement follows: annaeel has been banned for consistently annoying buyers by leaving long lists of wanted items and then changing everything a few hundred times, not paying on time, lying to buyers and sellers, selling items and never sending them and being hard to contact, then claiming the problems are because her young siblings and boyfriend all also use the LJ account and she is going through an unspecified sudden "crisis", however the problems spanned over 2-3 months total. After over ten complaints over the course of many months, she is banned.

mushroom128/slowkings/sarahrr/taylorgangord/pokemonwaza is banned after quickly becoming antagonistic in a post attempting to compare types of figures, using slanderous and abusive language towards members and moderators. After being warned he began a campaign of spamming the admin's email with multiple sexist rantings, which continued once banned (abusive/sexist language towards ANY member, which does include mods and admins, WILL get you banned IMMEDIATELY!). He also used many alt accounts to spam porn on the community. Amusing as his temper tantrums are, needless to say, he is not very bright or trustworthy, so do not deal with this person, who has also been found phishing accounts on other communities. The fun emails I received from Mushroom are recorded here. Enjoy!

dyne_score/komrade_krystal/diluted_paradox is banned for posting and commenting multiple times trying to sell, lying to members that they have sales permission, and deleting any comments mentioning that they are banned for scamming on the community videogames4sale. Including my comment about it. Oops! Goodbye.

patchw0rks is banned bid-trolling another member, and also PMed them mockingly about it. After insinuating multiple times I was making this all up due to "bias", when unable to deny the evidence, he became violent, calling me a derogatory term towards a female multiple times, threatening to "disassemble" and destroy all future GA's and the community itself. He also expressed the desire to troll the aforementioned member into committing suicide and threatened to do so. His IP address is "". Please keep an eye out for this IP and report it if you see it being used with a different username.

snowball21 is banned for tricking another member to sell items for him to get around his sales ban, which was in place due to members having never received items from his sales and GA's nearly a year prior. Knowingly without sending these items to members, he was sending other sales items to another member instead and offered him a percentage of the profits if he would sell them for him. Unfortunately this is not an acceptable loophole to get around a sales ban.

segamew (and her accomplice foxwhisker/faded_echoes) is banned after admitting to purposefully and knowingly exploiting the community's rules and GA system multiple times to "take" GA's away from the community for her own varied reasons. Details here.

shesatiger has been banned from the community. After a past history of ripping off multiple sellers and becoming a well known non-paying buyer, she returned months later only to sell her collection. Due to an oversight on the part of the mods this was not halted as it should have been, and the people she had ripped off in the past became very upset. Her sales permission was revoked based on her history and multiple unsolved cases. She became angry and indignant that she was finally suffering the consequences of her actions, and proceeded, unprovoked, to PM multiple random members to slander the community and its owner as a pack of "whiny backstabbers" who ruin all the fun and "complain about people they don't like", causing said members great discomfort. Unfortunately it's natural to complain about a terrible member -- and it is truly whiny people like this who ruin the fun. Thusly, she has been banned.

chunkyrooster9 and kyoakira are banned after deliberately scamming the community out of money on ebay, after adding up totals raised in GA's and shill bidding to wring as much money from members as possible. They continue to try to scam members through PM and other means. Do NOT associate with these people.

saffysaf/kairisky/mewtwo32 (IP is banned for being untrustworthy, suspicious, lying about shipping dates, late payments, then making new names to avoid her sales-ban, locking her place as "banned" in permanently.

shadz07 is banned for mocking people who they "beat" to a better priced item, constantly harassing members to accept cash payments, posting the same exact wants post over and over and not listening to requests to stop posting it, and overall being unreliable, immature and making many members feel uncomfortable. they promised they would leave but returned and continued the same antics so they have been banned.

hikari_eien is now banned. The story begins with a new member who would constantly change orders in comments and PMs, in one case changing an order so many times the transaction required 33 private messages. When politely asked to bid as a reply to a previous bidder she flew into a rage leaving negative feedback and slandering the renowned-for-kindness sellers as rude horrible people. This trend continued with hikari_eien slandering many members over simple things with horrible insults and curses. She received numerous negative feedbacks for her behaviour (the rage and the backing out/changing of orders) and upon finding them proceeded to slander and curse out everyone who had left a feedback, accusing the community of ganging up on her (although the feedbacks were never discussed amongst members or coordinated in any way, left by people who do not talk to each other privately) and sending threatening PMs to each person on top of the comments. Upon being banned she sent denkimouse a threatening and slanderous PM loaded with insults and a final "you cannot ban me, for I quit". Goodbye.

heenz is banned for accepting money for sales and then lying for months, inventing new and increasingly creative but always pity-inducing life drama, which continued on for 7 months before she finally admitted it was all a lie. The items have remained at large; she is banned.

fairymon7/art_rcoks_anime/digimon_fan/mimihotty18 (BEWARE!! This user has MANY NAMES!! She lives in Canada ad her name is Marie-Émilie L. DO NOT SELL TO OR DEAL WITH THIS PERSON!!) has been banned. UPDATE! this person was banhopping and continuing their horrible buisness/buyer ethics under a new name, racking up bills of over 400$ to members, backing out of orders, and posting long fanciful lies to get out of their responsibilities. They also have a history on other communities, as shown in these comments where they use their alt. account to defend their banned name. (old info begins here) do not conduct business with this scammer. their negative feedback ratings are out the roof and the complaints have been pouring in since they first joined. theyve canceled e-checks on numerous members, flaked out on payments, and ignored messages. they canceled one e-check immediately after finding out the items had been mailed in confidence. THEY ARE A SCAMMER. do NOT attempt to sell to this person!

lugiaryu/lugiacollector has been banned for obnoxiously "harassing many people to sell them Lugia items. The final straw was someone got the giant Lugia plush and they posted several very obnoxious comments saying the person didn't know the worth of it and demanding they sell to them". Warning, they will PM you trying to buy items from you. Deal with at your own risk. This person is infamous for wishing revenge on the community for an "unfair ban" and slandering members and moderators for what she sees as an usurping of justice.

glacer999 has been banned almost immediately upon joining for an onslaught of rude and trollish behavior over the course of their first few hours. is either a troll or troll-ish, do not conduct business with.

alypkm was banned for extremely rude behaviour, not following rules, begging and pleading for items, demanding that sellers take methods other than paypal as payment, then threatening them and becoming violent and horrid when not given other methods. i'd say don't conduct business with this person if contacted, but as they don't understand money orders, paypal, or anything other than western union, then will become violent if all you take is paypal or money orders, you can't do business with them anyway.

light_venusaur has finally been banned. do not conduct business with this person, who may also be attempting to do business through JADE ASPLEAST, who we also highly recommend avoiding business with. light venusaur is notorious in the pokemon communities in general for being highly immature and unable to handle or listen to even the simplest of requests, and has ripped off our members multiple times with unfinished trades.

pkmn_masta/omega_alomaniac is banned due to bad business as a seller, lying about dates when packages were posted, and having a horrible temper tantrum when people began to leave negative feedback (due to said lies) in which she said then just ban me! so we did. she's also been banned from other communities for never sending out packages or completing her end of trades.

unowncafe/zeedalbot is banned due to excessive amounts of backed-out orders, some over a hundred dollars. items were paid for using parent's credit cards without permission, resulting in the family contacting us to have her banned. Zeedalbot is the "secret" name she attempted to ban-hop with. AVOID.

sarahpom83 is banned due to tons of crazy drama, lies, bad buisness and temper tantrums, spread thoughout three various pokemon communities (and numerous communities she started herself due to being banned from the rest). she is basically a good lesson in how to get banned from everywhere on the internet.

trollingmewtwo and rikiraichu are unbanned.

alexindistrict9 has been unbanned, on the community as username: muttmix
         They no longer have sales permission.


         natsume_85 has been unbanned, and is now on the community under the username mijumari.

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Recent Posts from This Community

  • Anyone interested in the new PC Band Posters?

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