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Trades and Postage

Tomorrow I'm packaging and shipping everything to everyone I owe stuff to from my sales, but only to people who have paid or people I'm trading with that we've already agreed on all parts of the trade and such. I'll have the list tomorrow as I'm going to go through and sort out the stuff tonight :) so just a heads up to all of you.

In light of that, I went digging through some totes of old stuff and I found two Pokemon items that I wouldn't mind selling or trading. They're the Eevee talking/tail wagging/head tilting figure and a Charmander figure that says Char and his tail lights up.
These: http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj29/Twilmer/for%20sale/pokelot.jpg
Eevee has a tiny paint blurb on him from the factory, but other than that, these two are in excellant condition. I have no idea about prices or anything, so just make an offer or trade. I need to put a wish list together XD I'm looking for a good Cyndaquil plushie, Plushies in general, Ho-oh things, Cresselia things,  Pichu things, Nincada things, and Shaymin/Skymin things (especially that hand towel...). I also take other things since I don't really have a collection focus ^^;

Speaking of Skymin, I won the bid for the Tomy one :D it'll join my Tomy Shaymin, Shaymee. I'm going to name it Pilot XD I can't wait for that to arrive :3 same with all the other stuff from here and elsewhere ^^ most of it's going to my school address, which means I have a week's wait before I can see any of it D:

Also, does anyone know where to find the talking Skymin plushie? I've been itching to get one after hearing so much about it here XD how much do they go for? I'd really like one!

One last thing, going through my old totes, I found this lovely:
pikapillow.jpg picture by Twilmer
Yay for old Pokemon bedding! I only have the pillow case left. On the back is Ash and Pikachu. Seeing this, I feel reeeeeally old XD Darkrai's taking a closer look and wondering why that puny Pikachu's on it and not him and his sexy legs.
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