Rachel the Team Magma Grunt (latias_latios_7) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

Perler Bead sales!

Hi everyone! I have some perler sales for you today~
Prices vary, I can do 5 shipped for 2 pokemon, 10 shipped for 6 pokemon, and the big ones range from 10-25~
Humans are 4 each, and go up depending on size.
Trozei heads are 7 shipped, squares are 15 shipped, and V-day sprites are 8 shipped

I can make them magnets for 2 dollars more ^^

Examples and rules are below the cut!

-I ship from NY and can take up to two weeks to ship
-Commissions can take anywhere from up to 2 weeks to 4+ months to ship, depending on the amount of interest I receive. If you are uncomfortable with the wait, do not order!
-I can make specific sprites if you provide a template
-I am not responsible for things getting lost in the mail, please ask for tracking if you're worried about that
-Shipping starts at 2 within US and 4 international
-Do not delete or edit comments. If you are committed and back out, you risk receiving negative feedback
-Payment due within 48 hours, however I do accept holds
-If your package is lost I will not replace it, but there are certain circumstances where I'll remake part or all of your order. This does not apply to all orders, and you will have to pay shipping again
-make it clear if you're committing or asking for a quote
-I have the right to refuse to sell to you due to personal bad experiences, feedback, etc
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/

Closeup examples:

photo 1(5)

photo 1(8)photo 2(9)photo 3(5)
photo 4(3)photo 5(1)photo(27)

A few teams of 6 Pokemon:

Big Pokemon examples:


V-Day sprites:

Trozei heads:


Ippai figures for size ref only

More examples can be found here:

Thanks for looking!
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