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drifloon pokedoll figure

shootthetanks wanted to see a pic of the custom Drifloon Pokedoll figure I made her, so I decided to share with the rest of the comm. ^^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Driffy was mailed out to you today, shootthetanks! Hope you like him <3

Also - shameless plug for my page of random (probably boring xD) stuff I have for trade:
Hachi's Trade list

I'll trade any of that stuff for any Bug pokemon things! Even flat items. Much like Gin's electric collection, I'm trying to collect at least one thing of every bug Pokemon! x3

Oh! I almost forgot, I wondered if anyone remembered a toy they sold in the US around 1999. I believe it was one of those 'battpoke' thingies and it came with a Thunder Badge, and what I think was a Electabuzz figure. I had it when I was younger, but then lost it.. >.< I can't even find a picture of it now!
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