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shaymin, giratina, and pikachu lotto sales!

It's time for... lottery sales! And auction! And a preview pic for my next photostory!

Lotto-tina just wants to love you.

These are all rare items that you can only get in Japan from winning a lottery contest. Quite hard to get, and any version you see on eBay will probably be a) more expensive b) bootlegs! I know ectransfer has a bootleg Giant Skymin right now, but remember that those items always have flaws! (The Skymin, for example, is missing its neck flower and has droopy ears).

I know other comm members have sold these, but to my awareness no one else has won a large lot like this, so this may be your last chance! :O

Still in the bag he came in, beautiful and sought after, a must for all the Giratina lovers! This is the 1.5% chance of winning plush, the Lottotina! He's about 10 x 15 in size, extremely detailed and soft, ultra-huggable. A really beautiful plushie.

Bids start at: $70
Highest bid: $75 by robocoon

And then, his tiny cousin, the Giratina arm clinger. A super cute fellow, this little guy is about the size of a small Pokedoll and perfectly suited to perch on your wrist. Probably the cutest Giratina plush there is, I have fallen in love with his face a bit. ;~;

Bids start at: $20
Highest bid: $20 by robocoon

Beatiful Shaymin lotto plush also available. She is soft, huggable, and quite fluffy. A smaller version of her giant banpresto cousin, she is about twice the size of a Pokedoll. Look at that little smile! She just wants to love you. :3

Bids start at: $30
Highest bid: $42 by sugargerbil

Tiny Shaymin arm clinger, much like Gira, is all set for hanging out on your wrist. About the size of Pokedoll, but completely different in style, she is another fuzzysoft cutie, and if I may say the arm clinger part is TOTALLY awesome, I love having Skymin on my wrist.

Bids start at: $20
Highest bids: None!

Pikachu arm clinger is on his tummy and, even though I'm not a Pikachu fan... pretty damn cute! He's also up for auction, at a lower start because Pikachu doesn't get as much love in this comm. (He gets enough everywhere else!)

Bids start at: $14
Highest bids: $14 by bugbyte


These cute whistles are $7 each. Shaymin, Giratina, and Pikachu available!

Also my older sales post is still active, with plenty of items, here.

- Please keep bids to one thread
- Paypal preferred, postal money orders accepted
- No rude comments to other bidders/buyers or whining about missing an item!

Now I have to go, but I leave you with this...

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