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Small Sales- Collection Weeding

I've spotted one of my grails (well one of my smaller ones anyway), and is actually rather afforadable. However with college just being paid for, and books on the way Im strapped for cash other than eating xD So I need to clear some space anyway, hopefully there's something you like here.

...isnt it LOVELY when things appear finally..only at the most inconveint timing?? Dx anyone have that happen to them as well??

Rules and Terms:

I would MUCH rather perfer US orders, as I can mail them the day of payment/after depending on post. However I can take international just know it may take up to week to get to the post office.

PAY PAL only..using other methods makes it harder for me, and ends up in delays on my part due to confused .-. (nofuturenohope your package has been mailed btw sorry for the delay)

Haggling is welcome and NOT considered rude. I will consder all serious offers. I really want to sell this stuff to get more room, AND to be able to afford my small grail :D

Shipping and paypal fee given at your total.

Please state whether you are US or interational so I can give you a faster quote.




711 bottle cap figure: 10 dollars

V Chip figure w/ no chip - 5 dollars

Suicune V Chip figure w/ V Chip- Flawless - 10 dollars



Ninetales battle muesum- 5 dollars


Seviper and zangoose Zukan + Siviper Kid - SET/LOT : 10 dollars SOLD



Shiny Rayquaza Kid - not painted - 30 dollars



Gengar backpack- no scratches tears anything- perfect for such an old bag. Small doesn't really fit much of anything in it other than a gameboy or pencils.

asking 20


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