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Epic Photo Story of Angrychu

This isn't exactly the idea I had in mind for my initial angrychu photo story... but it's still good. :) kaygee84 and I went to the infamous Arboretum for our one year anniversary and had a good time. I decided to take angrychu along to take pics for a funny photo story. I agree it could have been better, but it's my first one, so there's room for improvement. ^^ I hope you all enjoy it, anyway! ^_^ Warning: Image HEAVY!!! Dial-up users beware!

Angrychu in front of a HUGE tree! I couldn't get the whole tree in the pic. ;_; Also, angrychu didn't want me to take the pic, so he kept falling forward in protest. ^^;;

Me: Smile! ^_^
Angrychu: Screw you, lady! I'm sitting in dirt on a very hot day and you expect me to smile? ><
Me: ... *takes pic anyway*

He's sitting on a dirt mound. I thought it was cute. ^^

Angrychu: Lady, I swear, I will beat you with my limp ears if you don't pick me up!!! The sun is burning my head and my ass hurts! ><********
Me: o_o What's your problem? This place is so pretty...
Angrychu: *twitch, twitch* You have five seconds to pick me the hell UP~!!!

Me: Aww! You look so cute and wild-like! =^_^=
Angrychu: Why did you drag me along on this trip? I feel like a pawn in your sick game of torturing me... ><
Me: o_o... Not at all. I just thought you'd have a good time... ;_;
Angrychu: *grumble*

I don't know if you can see this well, but the tree he's in has lots of yellow and green flowers growing on it. I thought it suit Pika well. :)

Me: Cool! You blend in well with the yellow flowers! ^_^
Angrychu: I am SO gonna kill you! >< Do I look amused?!

Angrychu: Um... what the hell is behind me?
Me: A pretty peacock! ^_^
Angrychu: A bird?
Me: Yes, it's a type of bird. :)
Angrychu: *prepares to zap said bird*
Me: O___O *snatches angrychu and runs*

Me: Smell the pretty flowers! ^_^
Angrychu: You have GOT to be kidding! I hate flowers! ><

I'm sure you can't see this well, but there are two turtles out on the rock in the middle of the murky lake. There were a TON of turtles here. If you look carefully, you can see them popping out of the water in various spots. kaygee84 put Pika on top of his head so I could get a better shot. ^_^

Angrychu: Are those Blastoise, Wartortle, and Squirtle? o_O
Me: Sure looks like it. *snickers*
Angrychu: Hmm... I think I also see Magikarp under the water. Oh, and there's Seaking! Also, I think I see Yanma and Yanmega! All are weak to electric attacks... *evil grin*
Me: Ack! Not again! What is it with you and wanting to zap every living being here?! *heavy sigh* Let's get you away from here before you really DO zap something.

Angrychu: *gasp* Psyduck!!! Must... zap...
Me: ... -_- *sighs and carries Pika off* I swear, you're gonna ruin the trip.

Angrychu: Lots of little Remoraid!!! *cheeks spark*
Me: *again, carries off the psychotic chu*

Angrychu: Uh... is this Politoad?
Me: Haha! Sure looks like it. *amused*
Angrychu: ... it pisses me off...
Me: o_o Why?
Angrychu: It looks too happy...
Me: *heavy sigh* Alright, I'll get you down...

Angrychu: Holy Arceus!!! That is a TON of Psyduck and Golduck! I wonder how many experience points I'd earn if I knocked them all out at once...
Me: *heavy sigh* None. You'd be a jerk if you did that. -_-;;
Angrychu: Do I look like I care?
Me: ... good point. *carries him off*

Me: Omg, it's a wild Pika! ^___^
Angrychu: How many times today do I have to threaten your life? Get me out of here! I think something's crawling up my ass... o_o
Me: But you look so cute... ;-;
Angrychu: *gives a death glare*

Me: Look, Pikachu! A pretty waterfall. ^_^
Angrychu: *not amused* It's just water.
Me: *sighs*

Me: You deserve a time-out in the doghouse for being such a pain in the ass!
Angrychu: ><*... I never even wanted to come on this trip, dammit! Can we go home now?! I'm sick of being lugged around!

Me: Feels like home, eh? You were made in China, after all. *laughs*
Angrychu: I must extend my deepest gratitude towards you.
Me: Really? Why is that?
Angrychu: You've given me so many good reasons to kill you today.
Me: *shakes head and sighs* Yea, yea, sure, whatever...

This was by far the worst idea I had that day. ^^;; Poor Pikachu had so many stickers in him afterwards. He still does. ^^; Lots of them are now imbedded inside him. Poor Angrychu... ;_;

Anyrychu: Okay, lady, now you've gone TOO far!!! I have prickly things up my ass and in my foot! Your torturing has gone far enough! Get me down~!!!
Me: o_o I'm so sorry! I thought it would be nice to have you pose with native California plant life. ;_; I'll get you down right away!

Angrychu: Please don't tell me there's another damn Peacock behind me...
Me: Uh... yes, there is... =/
Angrychu: *sighs* I'm too damn tired and annoyed to zap him, so he'd better consider himself lucky.
Note: Seriously, this Peacock really liked us. ^_^ He stuck around the whole time Kaygee84 and I were resting on this bench. He came really close a few times, as you can see. :)

Chibi backback Chu: He's so pretty! ^__^ Hi, Mr. Peacock!! *giddy*
Angrychu: Shut up, dammit! I'm trying to rest. ><*

An end to a tiring, but fun day. Well... at least for most of us. ^^;
Chibi backpack Chu: I had a great time! ^___^ Let's go again sometime! *waves at the camera*
Angrychu: I hate you...
Me: ^^;; Well, at least one of you had a good time.
Angrychu: You didn't torture the other Pikachu like you did me!!!!
Me: ... that's true. -_- Sorry about that...

Back At Home

Happy Big Chu: Welcome back! ^_^ Did you have a good time?
Angrychu: Must you ask...? ><*
Happy Big Chu: ^^;;; Guess not...
Note: From this pic, you can see why Angrychu was a factory reject. He came from the same set of big Pikachu as the one Gin gave me in this pic. The color is way off and his ears don't have enough stuffing in them. =/ So sad. ;_; I love him, none-the-less. :3

Looks like he's made a new friend in the new promo MD angrychu I got from Sunnyshore! :3 Thanks, Gin! He's so cute! I love him! <3
Angrychu: Why do you look so pissed?
Mini Angrychu: I dunno... >< Just looking at you pisses me off. What's your story?
Angrychu: I'm a factory reject with stickers up my ass!
Mini Angrychu: ... touche...

And that's the end! ^_^ Hope it was entertaining in some way. :)

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